The Sunflower Girl
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randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡ (she/they)
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Pretty proud of this poem...
Took me a while to think of 'untwine'.

The Sunflower Girl

The Sunflower Girl by randomwriter

Sad and lonely was I, in great need of some light

When to me came a girl, who glowed radiant and bright

Gloom surrounded me, it did, dampening my mood

Which soured my face, and turned my attitude rude

Surely my demeanor would keep everyone away

Yet a cheerful girl approached me and said she was here to stay

"Leave me," I told her, "lest I taint your light spirit."

"Please, don't drag yourself down," she said, "I don't want to hear it."

Speechless, I was, unsure what to say to her next

I doubt of my ability to act like she expects

As though sensing my doubts, the girl approached closer

Softly she told me, "Just be yourself, and not a poser."

Dubious was I, so an eyebrow of mine I raised

And by the next words of the girl, I was amazed

"Trust in yourself, know that you are worth a lot,

"And that you don't have to second-guess your every little thought.

"Cut yourself some slack and stop worrying so much,

"You're better than you think and there are hearts that you touch.

"Just be your own person, and for that people will like you.

"Be kind to yourself, and accept help for what you go through."

A sunflower she placed in the trembling hand of mine

Then she turned and skipped away, leaving me my thoughts to untwine

That Sunflower Girl, she was a needed ray of hope

And thanks to her, onward I can always lope

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