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The Adventures of Stardude, a reluctant hero! Part 3, where things get kinda serious.

Stardude Part 3

S T A R D U D E 3 C H A P T E R 3

Previously on Stardude... Read Parts 1 and 2! I won't be explaining in depth this time-

After relaying my crazy story to Jimmy, I winced, waiting for him to explode that I was insane. Instead, he grinned, got up, and slugged me in the arm. "Dude! That's great!"

"I'm not cra-! Wait. Did you just say 'that's great'!? GREAT!? Jimmy, I might blow us all up! A bunch of lab coat people are after me! Our house was ZAPPED! And-and-did you see the wall?"

"I did see it- nice job you did on it. Children aspire to be a professional klutz like you." My cheeks reddened. "Jimmy..."

"Kidding, Jack. Anyway... care to show me your superpowers?" "Sure thing, but first- why do you think this mess is 'great'?!" "Chill, dude. You're fine for now. And you're a superhero, which is cool.

I'ma hook you up with a cool costume. Then-" "Hold up! Who said I'm a superhero? Jimmy, you know me, I'm not the superhero type.

If I tried to save people, I'd probably end up sending them to an even more painful demise." "Training, that's what you need.

It might take a few centuries to make it up to slight klutz level, though." I rolled my eyes. "Get serious, Jimmy.

Listen, all I want to do right now is shower and eat, like, a ton, and then I want to find a way to get those scientists off my tail.

And if it means losing these cool- yes, I admit they're cool- powers, then, well... so be it. It's not like I have a use for them, anyway."

Jimmy opened his mouth to protest, but I cut him off. "No- I will NOT be 'saving the world', which is code for accidentally destroying it." "But you can train-!"

"No. I'm getting rid of these powers, somehow. Can you find me someone who can help with that? Jimmy, please." Jimmy relented, "Fine, buddy. Of course I will."

I smiled at Jimmy, and began to say 'thanks', but then my eyes rolled up in my head, and I collapsed to the floor. Everything went black.

When I came to, I had no idea where I was. "Where is this?" I tried to say, but my voice was raspy. Jimmy's ginger hair popped into view.

"Jacka**, you scared me, man!" "Ah, sorry, I'll warn you an hour in advance before I pass out next time. What happened?"

"You- you buckled to the floor, and when I touched you, you were hot!" "Ah, yes, I know I'm a super hot knockout that makes the girls and guys fall in love-" "Really, Jack.

I thought you were gonna die. I wasn't sure what to do and panicked. Then I brought you to the bathtub to soak you in cold water. Dumped some ice in there, too."

"You did? But I'm still hot..." "I think it's a side effect of your blast powers, since those are super hot. You're like a human fireball of radiation or something."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" Jimmy gritted his teeth. "Stop. Joking! This is serious, Jack!" "You finally noticed."

"Just like you, my way of dealing with things is joking, but I can't joke about this anymore, now that I know that you-" His voice cracked.

"Even in ice-cold water, you're still hot. You need a scientist before your powers kill you." "K-kill me?" "Yeah, I'm not a complete idiot, Jack. At this rate, your radiation powers will burn you out, quite literally.

A human body isn't meant to contain that much heat." I looked downward. "Got it. Any idea how long before-?" "Not sure. But definitely no more than two weeks, with some collapses and ice baths in between."


Jimmy sighed, and mumbled, "I think my cousin has a friend, some crazy smart scientist that's used to weird things. I'll call him, see if we can go over to his lab ASAP. Hang on."

I sank lower in the bathtub as Jimmy made some calls. Too bad I was in the closet when the house was blasted. If I hadn't been in the closet, and the blaster had seen me and gotten me out...

I wouldn't have these powers and looming death. Oh yeah, and the scientists chasing after me. Welp. At least I was out of one closet: bi, and proud of it. I touched my face. Warm.

Jimmy rushed over to me. "So I called him. His name is William Green and he's actually in the same state. So I guess we can just, like, book a flight and head there."

"I can fly us. What did you tell William about me?" "Just that you, uh, had a unique incident and had to see him immediately." "And he believed that?" I exclaimed, incredulous. "With such little explanation?"

Jimmy nodded. "Told ya, he's seen a lot of weird stuff. Plus, some flattery didn't hurt." "Of course. So, can we go right now?"

"Yeah. You really feel up to flying? And lugging me along? What if you, like, pass out in the middle of the flight or burn me or something?" "I'll be fine. I just need some food.

As for rest- I think sleeping for five days straight was good enough." I lifted myself from the bathtub, clothes dripping. Wordlessly, Jimmy handed me a towel.

"Eat, shower, fly, not die," I muttered. "That's my plan."

"The greatest plan in the history of the universe," Jimmy agreed.

"Let's do this."


If you found this not to be total trash, keep an eye out for part 4, or chapter 4!

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