Stardude Part 1
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The Adventures of Stardude, a reluctant hero! Chapter 1, but also kind of his origin story

Stardude Part 1

S T A R D U D E 1 C H A P T E R 1

Yo! I'm gonna write multiple parts or chapters about Stardude! This is part one, or chapter one, or his origin story. Hope you likey!

I was just chilling. Chilling, man, when suddenly my front door flew open as though a crazed rhino had run into it.

Now I would have been content with just cowering in my bathtub or dashing away, but, uh... I may have been stuck.

I told you I was chilling, right? Well, that's only because I tripped and somehow got my foot stuck in the wall.

Don't ask me how, dude, my walls were just really thin and I'm a clumsy idiot with a penchant for getting into pickles. So with my cheeks turning red, I just decided to... stay there.

Maybe wait for my friend who was crashing at my house for a bit to get back and get me out. Anyway, back to the house invasion.

Before I could form an actual good plan, some guy ran to me, tugged me out of the wall effortlessly, and stuffed me into a closet.

Now, come on, I just got out of the closet last year and he puts me back in one? Oh, the irony. I heard him lock it, and I pounded on the the door from inside.

I demanded to know what was going on, but he ignored me. Just then I heard some grunting and fighting, and then a dragging sound.

Had-had someone knocked him out? I was about to shout, "I'm in here!" but then a garbled voice said "Commence the ray blast after removing any and all humans."

A smooth voice asked, "Location?" "Send the zone to Reytalga." came the reply. "Done."

I wrinkled my nose in confusion when a blinding flash of white light somehow managed to enter the closet. I blacked out.

When I came to, I felt... tingly? Weirdly cold? I dunno. Hey, maybe this was how my icy ex felt all the time. I allowed myself a smirk, then tried to look around. I lifted my head and entered a sitting position.

I was in a bed in a plain white room. The hospital, perhaps? But it was completely empty. Just a single bed with nothing attached. Nothing on the walls, either.

I tried to get off the bed and stand, but I was wobbly and dizzy. And imagine my surprise when one of the walls facing me shimmered and turned into see-through glass.

Staring at me was a young, grim-faced man. "Jack Aster. Age 22." he read. "Th-that's me. Although I'm usually called jacka**. Who are you and what is this place?"

"You are not a scientist, so allow me to explain it simply. Jack Aster, you were caught in a blast of special rays.

They were meant to send your house, a special zone, to a distant place. Yet you were in the house when it happened.

It's a miracle the blast didn't kill you, but there may be some side effects."

"Side effects? What kind?" I lifted a hand to sweep in the gesture for "Like what?", but something shot from my fingertips. A blast of light that shot to the nearest wall and left a slightly darker, smoking spot.

I stared at my hand in shock, and the young man said, "Powers." I was speechless. "Powers? You're kidding. This isn't some stupid origin story.

And-oh yeah, I forgot to ask- why blast my house? What kind of special zone could it be, a haven for bi idiots, namely me?" He sighed. "Oh, I'm sure this is confusing for you.

So basically, we had a special device read the houses in your area, since something about Elmdale City had our scanners and sensors on the alert. A sinister force, you might say.

Your house and its walls appeared to contain the sinister energy."

"Ah," I chuckled. "So what, you're saying my walls are evil? Sure, I guess, one of my walls, just today, tried to swallow my leg. Ooh, spooky.

Oh, wait! Is it even still the same day? What day is it?" He chastised me, "This is no joking matter. And today is five days after the blast." "I was out for five days!?" "Yes."

I cussed. "Jimmy's gonna be wondering where I went. And you said the house was sent somewhere else? If that's true, then Jimmy's got nowhere to stay."

I felt ridiculous, talking as if the blasted house, powers, and evil walls were real, but something told me the guy wasn't messing around with me in some elaborate prank. It was really happening.

The young dude went on, "Don't worry about Jimmy Ratnier.

The agency went to special lengths to recreate the house and a note from you saying that you'd be gone to visit someone for a few weeks."

I frowned and repeated, "A few weeks?" "Yes, did you think we'd let you go right away? You have powers now, and tests must be run."

I drew the line there. I hated tests. More than anything. And my brain wasn't functioning right at that moment. For some odd reason, rage erupted within me and bubbled in my hands.

Somehow I could tell that my eyes were glowing as I aimed toward the young man, mumbled, "Sorry," and blasted the glass.

It only made a small dent, but the man dove for cover, pushing buttons along the way.

He exclaimed at a watch, "Subject showing aggression! Bring in-" I had been tossing blast after blast at the glass, and finally it cracked.

I propelled myself forward and sat down behind the many controls. I saw a button labeled ALL WALLS and slammed my fist down on that. The walls slid up, one revealing a field of grass.

The other walls lifted to show sparkling white hallways, causing me to put them back down in the fear that others would come and stop me.

"J-Jack, let's talk!" The young guy held up his hands and stared at me in terror. A pang struck my heart. He thought I was going to hurt him. I'd never do that.

"Sorry about this, man, but I promise I don't wanna hurt you. I just-I have to get out of here." I ran to the grassy field and looked around. People clothed in white began chasing me.

About a mile away was a forest. I should go there, hide, and then try to decide what to do next.

Glad I had a plan in mind, I broke into a sprint, blasting the grass behind me to make it hard for the- what, the scientists(?) to catch up with me.

Heart thudding, I kept my gaze focused on the forest. What would happen to me now?


If you found this not to be total trash, keep an eye out for part 2, aka Chapter 2!

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