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Please, actually 'look' at people. They might seem fine, but in reality, they're not- and they wish someone would see and help

Really Look

Look into my eyes

Look Can you into see my my eyes lies?

No, you can't, can you?

No, you I can hide can't, what's can you? true

I know you can't see the pain

I know Nor the you can't toll see the or the pain strain

I hide things I can't quell

I hide From things my own I can't self as quell well

I don't want to admit

I don't That I want to want to admit quit

The truth scares me, you see

The truth My mind, scares me, I wish to you see flee

I don't want anyone to know

I don't that this want cheer anyone is all a to know show

But wait, that's also a lie

But wait, Please that's also see and a lie identify

That I am not okay at all

That I And all am not day I okay at want to all bawl

Don't just look at me

Don't but truly, just look really at me see

That behind these eyes...

That Is more behind than the these 'I'm fine' eyes... guise


Please see

Please see the truth

p l e a s e - !

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