Rain Kisses
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Raindrops drip like your bleeding emotion...

Allow a few droplets, sparkling rain kisses...

Rain Kisses

Rain Kisses by randomwriter

Raindrops drip like your bleeding emotion.

Jaggedness leaves you yearning for some lotion.

Something to soothe, something to heal.

Something to cope, that all this is real.

Through the thick haze of fog, it feels like a faraway dream.

Deception lies in every corner, nothing is as it may seem.

Where some see peace, others find strife.

There's no way to find, a strong hold on life.

Yet the rain still falls, nurturing green shoots.

It strengthens and nourishes, developing strong roots.

When the rain comes for you, accept it with a smile.

It's here to kiss you, trust me, it's worth your while.

Allow a few droplets, sparkling rain kisses.

Gentle gifts from the rain, dreams and reminisces.

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