My first prompt!
My first prompt! #randomwritereyes stories

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Give it a read, pls, and submit some pieces about my prompt! Also there’s some poetry in there-

My first prompt!

Heyo! So I’ve never done this before, but there’s a first time for everything.

I’m gonna give y’all a unique prompt- it’ll be kinda like a contest but not really, as I won’t be judging or giving rewards aside from shoutouts.

So here’s how it’s gonna work:

The prompt is: describe eyes. Be more creative and unique than describing a pool of blue you’re drowning in, or a rich chocolate that melts your heart... etc etc

I’ll give an example in a bit

And! The piece describing eyes in a unique way can be any length, any style

Tag it #randomwritereyes Tag me in the comments of your piece and/or comment the link on this post

Then I’ll check it out. I’ll shout out all submissions. I won’t be judging them. Edit: (i forgot to add this) I'll shout out all submissions until the end of October

Now here’s my example:

Your eyes, brown Soft and tender, warm

Can upturn any frown Strong during a storm

Loamy soil a home Gently nurturing

So sprouts may roam From eyes so encouraging

Yeah. So that was an example (I couldn’t resist trying out my prompt :) )

If you’re interested, pls make a piece following the rules! I’ll shout it out! Thank you!

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