Hopeless Growth
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randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡
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Wow, for once, it's hopeful and not negative!
♡♡♡ pls read

Hopeless Growth

Every autumn, the cycle repeats

Every autumn, the cycle repeats

Every autumn, the cycle repeats

Every autumn, the cycle repeats

The once beautiful plants losing their splendor

Into dismal death, harboring a legacy, they retreat

They give up, having selected surrender

Why do they even bother when it seems pointless,

Radiantly effusing gorgeous growth

Only to wilt away, dead and lifeless

Promise to last forever a broken oath

Why did you even bother to briefly live?

But perhaps, these faulty human eyes of mine

Failed to see all that you had to give

During your time, however brief, to shine

And that you had a purpose, while I wander lost

You spread sweet fragrance, beauty and smiles

Cheering up the downhearted at nearly no cost

You spanned across the Earth, countless miles upon miles

Brightening up our world, making it better

And I? What have I given, but my negative views

Imagining the cold, wrapped up in my thick sweater

Whilst declaring unwanted and somber news

From you, I should have taken inspiration

To make the most of my time and leave behind

Needed positivity in this world, that I have begun

To realize that we have to share and care for as mankind

Because this isn't hopeless growth, but meaningful

A chance to help all of Earth's inhabitants and shine

A chance to help all of As we take Earth's care of one inhabitants another on and shine this world of yours and mine

this is our world. let's take good care of it, and of one another. you have a purpose. growth isn't hopeless. so grow. grow, and don't think that there's no point. you are here to make this world a better place, for everyone, including yourself. spread kindness and positivity, support and optimism. we've got this ♡

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