Holding On
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Read to the end before you let go.
Hang on tight to that hand, and don't leave.
And don't you dare say you don't have a hand to hold onto. If you didn't, then what would there be to let go of?

Holding On

Holding On by randomwriter

Your grip on that hand is weakening. It's slipping. You wanna let go, right?

You think that staying here won't do anyone any good- You think that you and that hand would be better off with you gone. What's the point of staying here? Why hold on?

You untangle your fingers from that hand, ready to silently let go and disappear. But what's this?

You can't, because that hand is tightening their grip on yours. That hand is squeezing your hand gently. That hand is trying to keep you here

You're stunned. You're stunned, aren't you? Why would the hand want to keep you here? Why's its grip so tight on such a useless person?

Why would the hand want you to stay? Why is it going to all this trouble just so you don't disappear? Everyone's better off without you. Right?

Won't everyone be happy once you leave? Once you disappear and are gone forever? Once you let go of that hand? You know that you'll be happier. And they would be, too... Won't they?

But then why are they holding on? Why, why, why? It makes no sense. Think again. You think that leaving will help everyone. No it won't. They care. They care. They want you here. If they didn't, then why are they holding your hand so tightly, like they'll never let go?

Stay. For you. For them. For everyone. Hang in there. Hold on to the hand. Don't let go. They want you to stay, whatever it may seem like sometimes. Even when the grip falters, it's always still there, just waiting to become tight again. Don't leave yet. Please.

Hold on. You're wanted here. You have things to do. You're capable. You're loved. That's why they're still holding on even when you've become limp. Allow them to share their strength and love with you.

Stay. Don't let go. Please. Ignore what your mind whines when it's stuck in a pit of despair. It can't see clearly. Just hold on tight, and a ladder will drop. Climb out of the dark pit, and never let go. Please don't. Please stay.

Hold on tight.

Climb out of the pit

For us. For everyone. For the hand. For you.


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