hold me through life
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TW: be careful- depression, self harm, and suicide are themes in this, but aren't clearly or vividly mentioned

hold me through life

take my hand, please, guide me through life

gently put my hand down when i pick up the knife

steady me when it's tough and i stumble

twine your fingers in mine when my mind is a jumble

squeeze my hand and lend me strength

the coil of darkness in my mind has no end to its length

when tears are pouring down my face

and i claim i'm weak and a huge disgrace

hold me, will you? don't leave me alone

what i might do next scares me, for it's unknown

grab me, please, i need you, i do

clasp my hands when i think of thoughts untrue

be the ladder in the pit, and the driftwood in the sea

don't lose me to the depths, not while i wish to be free

when i beg that you let go, pay no mind to me at all

when i teeter on the cliff, please don't ever let me fall

please, hold me close and hold me tight

just so i know that i'll be alright

stop me when i try to fling poison at my mind

help me see the light, when to hope i am blind

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