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randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡ (she/they)
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Hair. A poem about hair- although at the end it doesn't rhyme.


Hair By randomwriter

Strands and strands, attached to our heads It comes in many colors, browns and reds

We style it and we cut it Dye it more than we'd admit

Colorful and gleaming bright Watch as it is hit by the light

Glorious and carefully kept Tears of beauty, it wept

Pretty locks and curls tended to well A luxurious flame never to quell

While on a head, hair's a treasure To take care of and admire, it's a pleasure

But when it gets chopped off- Snipped off- Cut off- Discarded of-

Without a head, hair is nothing. No face to frame, no head to hold it. Nothing. The precious locks, cut off and fallen. Dull echoes of their former glory. O n t h e g r o u n d

Think before you do anything wild and irreversible with your hair- you might regret it. Take care of your precious treasure that is hair.

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