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A dark alley. About to die. A whirlwind of fear.


My heart is pounding. Rain pours down, plastering my dark hair to my face and my ears. My terrified eyes are wide with fear.

I'm trapped in an alley- the kind that's full of 99% of the world's shadows, has nasty stuff smeared everywhere, has junk in careless mounds, a dead end, and soaks people there with apprehension.

I'm trembling, quaking in fear.

I can't go out the way I came because a tall, slender girl with blond and brown hair is standing there. She looks extremely intimidating. My skin crawls.

I also feel like I'm being watched from all sides. While I should feel safe, surrounded from three sides, I feel incredibly vulnerable.

Eyes and whispers are everywhere, taunting me, chilling me, paralyzing me. Fight or flight? Ha! There's nowhere to run, and I couldn't fight a fly.

I'm much smaller than the tall girl that's glaring at me. Something that's clutched in her hand glints. I suck in my breath and my knees go weak. She's got a gun.

I bite my lip, failing to prevent a giant wave of panic from washing over me and intensifying my trembling and uneasy breaths. Getting enough air is a struggle.

My anxious eyes are frozen- I can't look away from the gun. I try to speak up, still looking at the gun. "I-I-" I wheeze. "Please don't- w-what are you going t-to do?" She laughs.

A deep, throaty, gleeful laugh. She smirks and whispers, "Whatever you're imagining isn't even a tenth as bad as what's about to happen to you."

I yelp, "B-but why? What have I done!?" The girl tilts her head, grinning.

"Must there be a reason? Hmm, how about: right place, right time? You see, I have somebody who's wronged me, and I want him to rot.

There are certain things I have to do to frame him with the most terrible offenses that will give him what he deserves. Really, it's nothing against you.

Thanks for helping me out, sweetie." She raises her arm with the gun, points it at me, and pulls back the trigger slowly. I sigh, and shut my eyes tight.

I'm still terrified, but it's inevitable. She's going to do it.

Just then, I hear shouting and the clomping of boots. I open my eyes to see that the alley has been flooded with light and men storming toward the girl. My legs give out and I collapse to the disgusting ground, chest heaving.

It didn't happen after all. I'm still alive. The girl will be taken away. Relief surges through me. I watch as the men reach the girl.

But instead of apprehending her, they-they crowd behind her and stare at me? "Just in time," the girl tells them. "You can begin planting the fake evidence. Say bye-bye to the victim."

She aims at me again. I'm shocked. The men are on her side! The fear I was feeling earlier is nothing compared to the terror rising in my chest right now.

Tears slip down my cheeks and blur my vision, mixing with the rainwater I'm drenched in. I hear a shot. But- I don't feel anything.

I blink away the tears to see that a scrawny guy had lunged at the girl, knocking her aim to my right.

He screeches at her, "Stop! Don't you see? That's the girl!" I wonder dazedly, "What girl? And why can't they just get it over with?" I've had enough of this terror.

I hear the blond and brown haired girl gasp. "You're right! It's her! Her eyes!" What about my eyes? They're just a murky grey color, flecked with bits of other colors.

"Hope," the girl breathes softly. "We've found her." My chest is on fire with alarm. "How!? How do you know my name?" I burst out. I'm ignored.

"Change of plans- take the girl to our headquarters," instructs the girl. Icy cold apprehension grips me. What's going on, and what will become of me?

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