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The ending might surprise you... see if it does, or if you can guess it... and when. How early can you guess it?


Intertwining my hand with Vivian's, I gazed into her shining olive eyes, flecked with blue and gold. The slight breeze made her luscious chocolate brown hair sway.

We were sitting on a bench under a tree with leaves changing color. I smiled at my girlfriend, and asked her, "Want some hot chocolate?" In answer, Vivian got up, pulling me along with her.

We went to a nearby cafe and sat down outside with our drinks. At that moment, everything seemed so perfect. Like nothing would ever go wrong.

Little did I know, later that night we would have our first and last real fight.

(Vivian, five hours before the big fight) I received a message on my phone.

It was Marcus, this guy I used to date after meeting him in photography class and asking him for help editing a picture. Only for a short while, though.

I wasn't as into him as he was into me. The text read: "Your new boyfriend, Ryan. He's hiding a secret from you. Come meet me at that bridge in half an hour. You should know this."

I lowered my phone, frowning. Sweet Ryan, hiding a secret? What could it be? I don't think that Marcus would lie to me...

"Who is it, Viv?" Ryan asked, looking up from his hot chocolate as he stirred it. I hesitated. Should I confront him about the secret? No. Not until I know more. "No one, babe. Nothing important."

I felt guilty as the lie rolled off my tongue, but if Marcus was right, then Ryan was the one with the most guilt, and I wasn't at fault.

Somehow, I had to find a way to leave without arousing suspicion.

I pretended I got another text, and exclaimed, "Oh, Ry, my friend Michelle, her dog is sick!" Ryan, looking concerned, said, "Do you think you should be with them?" "Probably..."

"Alright, then, you should go, Viv. Are we still on for movie night at my house?" "Sure," I replied. I pressed my lips to Ryan's and we kissed for a few seconds.

I pulled away and left, heading toward the bridge. Marcus was waiting for me there. He looked around furtively and pulled out a stack of photos. "Vivian. Look, here's proof.

Ryan is bad for you- he's involved in something really messed up." I grabbed the photos, eyebrows knit.

I was speechless as I saw photo after photo of Ryan shaking hands with shady looking people, and his arms around seven different women.

He kissed them and held them lovingly, using the same moves he used on me. I gasped. Ryan... was a player? Cheating on me and several others? I stared at Marcus, horrified.

"I-I- Marcus, how did you find out?!" "I... was still worried about you after we broke up, and one day I saw you with Ryan. He gave me a bad feeling, so I tried to find out what he was up to.

I couldn't let him hurt you. Vivian, you see, we're meant to be. Get away from Ryan, from everyone else. Ghost him and become my girlfriend. I'll always protect you.

From everyone and everything. I'm the only one for you." I staggered. Ryan... Ryan... My shock turned into anger towards Ryan, and I growled, "That liar! I'm breaking up with him tonight.

I can't believe I ever thought he was good!" Marcus smiled, "But I am. I'm better than him. I'm the best for you. Become my girlfriend, Vivian?" Tears welled in my eyes. "Yes.

Thank you for showing me the truth. You really are looking out for me. Can-can I take these photos to show Ryan that I have proof?" "There's really no need. He's guilty and he knows it."

"You're right." I nodded at Marcus, the only one on my side, the only one that cares for me. I walked off to prepare for my final date with Ryan.

(Ryan, right before the fight) We had decided that Vivian would come to me, rather than I pick her up, so as 7:00 approached, I busied myself with lighting candles and scattering rose petals.

Popcorn was prepared, and I counted all the cartons of ice cream that I had bought for her. Butterscotch was her favorite, so I bought at least five of those.

The doorbell rang just as I was straightening a stack of DVDs. I opened the door, delighted to see my lovely girlfriend.

"Vivian! You look gorgeous, sweetheart!" I reached out a hand to place on her back and pull her close to my body.

Leaning over her and breathing in her sweet scent, I locked my blue eyes with her multicolored ones. Her gaze was clouded, however, and she seemed tense.

Even her dazzling smile seemed slightly forced. "Viv, are you alright? Is- is Michelle alright? And her dog?" Vivian became tearful and glared at me. "Ryan. I know your secret."

She stepped back and faced me, furious. I was confused.

How had she found out about the surprise I was planning? The special trip to Hawaii? "You found out? Well, you weren't supposed to know yet, but I suppose that's alright."

Vivian's face twisted into rage. "Alright? Alright!? How is that alright?! I-I thought that you were different, Ryan. But you're worse. The worst! Lying to me all this time...

Making me think that I was the only one on your mind... Ryan, you're awful!" She shoved me, and I stumbled, mightily confused.

Why was she so mad about a trip to Hawaii? Did she have bad memories about it? Did she hate surprises?

Did she hate all the planning I had done behind her back, splitting my attention between her and the details? "V-Viv? What do you mean?"

"Mean? I think you know, Ryan! You know! And playing dumb isn't working! Face the facts, Ryan, I know the truth. You lying, dirty player."


"Yes, that's right! Well, player, I'm sure it won't hurt you at all that I'm breaking up with you, since you have so many other girls to fall back on! It's over! Never talk to me again!"

Full of hurt and the tears constantly running down her face, Vivian stormed off, shooting one final glare over her shoulder at me. All I could do was sink to the floor.

What on Earth was Vivian talking about? I was no player! Vivian was the only one I had ever looked at. And now... she was gone. What had just happened?

(Marcus, at the same time) I grinned, watching Vivian leave Ryan's house angrily. I was perched in a tree nearby, shaking with excitement and glee.

Vivian had believed me! Ha! Ryan wasn't a player. Those photos? I had edited them, placing other random girls where Vivian actually was.

And Vivian had fallen for it! And now she'll fall for me. Finally, the universe is working right. Vivian will be my girlfriend, and I will be her boyfriend. This is how it's meant to be.

She was wrong when she dumped me after barely a date. We belong together. Always. No one else. Vivian is mine. All mine. A sinister chuckle escaped from my lips. Vivian, mine. M i n e

M i n e

M i n e

Woah. So of course, Marcus is a little crazy, overly obsessed with Vivian and editing those photos to get her to break up with awesome, innocent Ryan. Did you guess it? Was it obvious? Or was it a shock? Poor Ryan. All that ice cream and preparations... and the Hawaii trip... Think he'll win her back and she'll see the truth? Hm.

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