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A peek into my mind, I guess?


Reality but a blur, chaos erupts within my mind

Tentative step into this vicious land to find

Multiple versions of me, scolding and insulting

Attempt to muffle the voices shrieking unrefined

Swirl of babble enters tired ears, exhausting

Claws rip out coherent thoughts, fighting

My failing efforts to fend off ruin with calm

As mind is battered while self-deprecation is assaulting

Weary mind pleads for a soothing balm

In return, receives a despair-filled bomb

Thoughts that this is a ploy for attention float 'round

A tangled cluster of unending qualms

Self-esteem buried deep inside the ground

Wails for the light to return, a plaintive sound

Emotions surge through scarred, aching heart

Hand reaches out, invisible to those around

w h y d o n ' t y o u s e e m e ?

w h y d o n ' t y o u s e e m e l o s t i n t h i s c a c o p h o n y ?

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