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"Pen transcribes pain to words ... Palliating damage from sentience's knife"
To live, we write, lest the pain of it overwhelms.

Burning Within

Like a flame, weakly flicker

Stick on an expiration sticker

Wheeze for breath, desire oxygen

To keep on living, pick up the pen again

Exhale smoke onto paper

Stabs to chest, off they taper

Droplets of blood peppering sheet

Cooling down, releasing heat

Poison in veins slightly delayed

Urges to burst slowly fade

Pen transcribes pain to words

Disarrayed thoughts flapping like birds

Soaked with feeling, noble paper bleeds

Explosions of emotion, more flames to feed

Fuel is aplenty, fingers twitch

Reach for pen to express words rich

Life cascades through sleek pen

From fervent writer to paper, then

Back to writer from paper, life

Palliating damage from sentience's knife

For a while longer, life continues on

Towards writing, to always be drawn

Heart forever aches, but pen shares pain

Spilling forth the fuel no soul can contain

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