Evadia Chapter 1
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1 from my new novel, Evadia. In which we meet our heroes, our villains and our victims.

Evadia Chapter 1

The thirteen adventurers sit around the campfire. Dusk slowly falls over the mountain range, the sun disappearing over the vague horizon.

Merriah sits furthest away from the mouth of the cave; she sits with her hands grasping one leg and the other leg stretched out, the tip of her brown leather boot almost reaching the blazing fire.

The pirate princess wears a white cotton dress with a scratchy brown jumper and a dark grey coat reaching her knees, covered in a grand array of pockets.

Her brown backpack rests, slumped, on the ground beside her. Poker straight, her light brown hair hits the bottom of her chest with a raggedy line.

As she talks to the silent adventurer beside her, Merriah blinks her pinched in blue eyes - they stand out in her tanned face.

To the right of her, as graceful and beautiful as ever, sits Lilith De'Vaieth. Her minature dragon, Isadora, sits on her shoulder and whispers in her ear.

Her pale teal scales ripple gently in the dim light. Avoiding her companions, Lilith hugs her silver pack to her chest and idly twirls her long, white hair with her finger.

She's wearing a blue silk tunic and some trousers died white. The elf observes her fellow adventurers with a slightly scornful expression, her lips curling into a sneer.

Her pale skin looks falwless and her large hazel eyes are unblinking. Lilith is heavily bejewelled with traditional elven jewellery. Curling into a corner, she isolates herself from everyone else.

The explorer next to her is Arya the Dragon-Child, her large iredescent orange scales glittering gently in the light of the fire and the fading sun.

She has large yellow eyes and red spikes on her spine and across her long, curling tail. She lets herself be stroked by Halliarah the faerie, and occasionally supplies sarcastic quips.

Halliarah herself has a golden bob, one brown eye and one green eye. Her tiny frame hovers, cross-legged, slightly above Arya's head inbetween two horns. She's wearing a tiny cloth jumper and skirt.

Halliarah joins in the conversation a lot, her vibrating body buzzing every time someone responds - her large lime green wings flutter excitedly.

Next to her, hidden in the shadows, is Dennan Geth Bollania. He's a dwarf, a long dark brown beard and a dark brown bowl cut. His chocolate brown skin is shiny despite the fading sun.

Dennan, an esteemed dwarf of nobleblood, clutches his cirular red shield and sword encrusted with rubies.

Also eagerly joining in the conversation is Rato, the glamorous centaur, who lies casually on the stone floor next to the mouth of the cave.

His glossy black mane is sleek; so is his tail, and his slim eyebrows. He has pale chestnut skin and large, green eyes. Rato lazilly chats as well, lightly complimenting everyone and contributing heavily to the conversation.

Back facing the outside, is Karter Von Kelpman, the merman. His large scarlet and pink tail is in a tank, designed and built by Dennan, and solar powered.

The glass tank is large, two metres length ways and one metre wide, with a thick carpet of seaweed lining the bottom for a bed, and a control panel sits in reach of Karter.

His large upper body is caramel, his hair bright orange and his eyes a dull violet. He also talks avidly but mainly of himself. For this reason he almost was not one of the thirteen explorers.

The obnoxious merman is discussing the contents of his backpack with the warrior next to him. Canam Derovrda , ignoring the self-absorbed comments from Karter Von Kelpman, is staring at the beautiful elf - Lilith De'Vaieth - across from him.

The Xennier warrior itches the base of his horns and blushes, the red extra visible on his pale lilac skin. His very large frame is hunched to fit in the cave, his large hands idly clutching his bow. A quiver sits on his back.

Canam's navy riding breeches hang loosely until his ankles, where they give way to bare feet. He has a very distinguished six pack and piercing blue eyes.

Canam's long curling horns are beige, striped with violet. Yawning idly, Derovrda rests his head against his appropriately large rucksack.

To the right of him, sits the famous ogre adventurer Zelliah Mu Varki. Her stocky build sits on a boulder. Watching her companions with beady brown eyes, the black ogre clutches her club and her backpack;

Zelliah wears a simple light grey tunic and dark brown shorts with many pockets. Her hooded brown cloak shades her face and flows in the gentle breeze.

To the right of her, sits Cram the pixie. His pale wrinkled face smiles broadly and there's a twinkle in his grey eyes. His straw yellow hair is thin and his blue fleece, leather trousers and brown boots are sturdy but old, and weathered. Cram occasionally imparts his wisdom, from his many years of adventuring in Evadia.

Aimee is the only human. She has light caramel skin, and a black pixie cut. Aimee Barrows is wearing a pale orange T-shirt and dark brown leggings; her shaking hands are holding a large silver sword, Ba'Doova, with small saphires encrusted in it,

and a slate grey backpack rests on her shoulders. She's freakishly skinny but tall, a dark grey coat covering her small and shivering body.

She's glancing nervously at Zelliah Mu Varki and Canam Derovrda, who she knows could kill her with a single blow. When she thinks about it, they could all kill her with great ease. Aimee shudders.

Beside her sits Evan Carrabo; the elf-dwarf hybrid is short, but slender, wearing grey riding breeches and a white shirt. His large blue eyes are concentrated on Merriah, who he's gently conversing with.

His rucksack rests on the stone beside him, and his bow leans against his legs. Evan's severely dark brown skin is healthy, and he looks like he just had a good night's sleep.

The twelth explorer is Duuma of Farcliffes. She, in a sharp contrast to Evan Carrabo, looks tired. Sitting right by the fire, the nymph warrior has an unhealthy yellow tint to her skin and she looks uncomfortable.

Duuma has long, pale brown hair that covers her hazel eyes and a short, skinny frame. Boots resting on her pack, she wears a long blue skirt and a red jacket.

The mesa nymph looks unprepared for the adventure ahead. Inbetween her and the pirate princess Merriah is the thirteenth and final explorer.

Gerton Harkers is an Earth dragon, his scales forest green and his small triangular eyes are nutty brown. He has no horns, or spikes, but several brown rock-like lumps across his belly.

He scowls at whoever glances at him, and doesn't contribute to the ailing conversation at all. The sun disappears over the horizon - it is time to set off.

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