Little Girls

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A little girl in the world full of man's right.

Little Girls

Welcome to this fake world little girl, where you can be anything in your dreams. Welcome to the world of full of men feeling, men's thoughts, men rights and men language.

No matter what you think what you want, what you can be, if you have a vagina all you need to do is bleed and pop out the babies.

No matter how successful you are your life will end towards a single man. You'll always an incomplete woman without the shoulder of a man.

So if you are born with a vagina you have no rights to say no, You will be forced to satisfy a man on the bed,

if you say to society then you will not a complete man. The society will judge whether you are a complete woman or not just by listening to your one word yes to this male world.

But a little girl always remembers you are the owner of your body of your own soul and life. You bleed, you carry a life in yourself, don't let others to be the tracker of your life.

of the most strong and complete creature of this beautiful world.

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