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radandsadSad stuff can be rad stuff. :)
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I saw the way that heaven wrapped you in its light. And as I sat there, I realized it was not you who was blessed, but I. For surely you must be an angel in this cruel world, meant to prod and stab at my heart with your blade of fire.


by radandsad

The way the light touched you

slayed my fragile heart.

It was as if each ray

reflected off of your skin was sent soaring through the air, with a fierceness enough to scare the hair off of a lion, aimed straight at my little blood-pumper.

Breathless, blind, and dumb;

you left me a mess, a shipwreck at that, and continue to do so, with each passing moment.

And despite my way with words,

all that I’ve become capable of saying when I think of you is nonsensical blabber.

These heartstrings

have attached themselves to the part of my brain responsible for logic and cut off the blood supply.

I say this

because you leave me a fool.


and all of your radiance and sweetness;


who is the nemesis of my aching, breaking heart.

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