Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 45-The Operation(2)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 45-The Operation(2) comedy stories

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At last, the climax. Wrap up part is next. Enjoy!


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 45-The Operation(2)

"Nani teh feck ye tal'n bout, laddie?", Wildcard-kun exclaims.

The kid says, "It's you. The person on Aniki's phone.", Jin says to Machiro.

Shy-kun, still confused, says, "Huh? Aniki?".

"Yes.", Jin says.

Shy-kun, taking a look a him, notices the kid looks like a younger male Makoto.

"I-I mean, I am friends with a Fujikoba, but she is a girl.", Shy-kun says, saying, "I think I still am...", under his breath.

Jin notices his mistake.

"Oh, yes! "She" will be happy to see you. Mako-neechan is in the guest room, talking to three of "her" old friends."

Shy-kun puts a hand to his chest in relief they had made it safely.

"Phew.", he sighs happily.

"I currently have some business to attend to with my acquaintance here, so we must be off. The guest room is three hallways down, to your right.", Jin says.

"Excuse me, ummm...forgive me for asking, but isn't it 'three doors dow~"


"Eeee! Gomenasai!", Shy-kun hollers.

"No...I'm the one that should apologize. Our house is different compared to the ones of outsiders, so I don't blame you. Make yourself comfortable, I guess.", Jin says.

"Arigatou.", Shy-kun says, bowing.

---<DATE: JAN 30, TIME: 8:59>---

"Osprey to Nest. Showtime. Over."

---<LOG END>---

The rugged man kicks in the glass.

Jin, Haru, and Machiro hears this sound.

"What teh feck!?", the cat shouts.

"Did something happen?", the rabbit says, panicking.

"I don't know, but one thing is for sure. It didn't sound good. My business is here now.", the boy soundly remarks.

"Funny cat lady-san, I'm sorry I couldn't help you any further, but there's the exit. You should be safe now.", Jin says, pointing at the front door.

"T'ank ye. I owe ye one.", Haru says.

"Don't mention it. That's what friends are for, right?", he says, as both him and Shy-kun wave goodbye and move on.

As the Wildcard heads to the still open door, the words Jin said ran through his head.

"Friends...", he says, looking down, pondering for a moment.

He then closes the doors in front of him.

"I owe t'at laddie one. If it's any time, it migh t'well be now. Time teh clear me name.", he says, as he rushes in the opposite direction towards the guest room, remembering Jin's directions.

We all exclaim in shock as this man grabs Mr. Fujikoba, putting him in a hold.


"It's ok, son."

He looks up at the brute.

"Who sent you?", the CEO demands.

"Remember your old friend Ross?", the man says.

"Ross Abernathy? We had stopped being friends years ago when he stole my idea for spontaneous thermal energy.", Mr. Fujikoba says, struggling to break free.

"Let. Him. GOOOOO!", Makoto screams, rushing towards the man.

The man extends a knife from his sleeve, threatening to slice Mr. Fujikoba's neck.

"Ah-ah-ah! One more step, and it's bye bye for Mr. Big here."

Makoto hesitantly stood his ground.

"Now that I know who sent you, may I ask who you are? Your moves are admirable.", the CEO said.

"To you, I am Osprey. That is all you need to know.", he says.

A hard punch was felt in his gut, making him stumble back.

The tall blonde had broken out of the hold.

We look on in amazement as the two titans clash in a single gaze.

"What are they saying?", Cringe-kun says as we hide behind a leather sofa nearby.

"If you did your English homework, you would know by now.", Prez-kun replies.

"Heeey.", Cringe-kun replies.

Everyone but Cringe-kun could understand Osprey.

The two exchange blows with Osprey getting a lead.

As he is trying to beat the rich patriarch into submission, Makoto punches him hard while he is distracted, making him leap back.

It was 2 vs 1.

The CEO gets up, and walk towards him.

He extends a hand to the man.

"If you come along peacefully, I promise not to report you. All that I ask in return is for you to be my personal bodyguard. With skill such as yours, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

I promise, you will be paid well. In fact, much better than Ross paid you, regardless of how much you took this job for.", Mr. Fujikoba said, his words sincere, soft, yet reassuring.

The man looks past him, ignoring the offer altogether.

Osprey walks up to Makoto.

"Hey. You hit hard, and you're quite a babe."

Mr. Fujikoba popped a vein in his neck, but maintained his composure.

(Is he trying to court my child? In front of me!? If I was in my prime, I would~ Calm down...caaaalm's human nature, is all.), he thinks, still frozen in place with his hand extended.

"OHOHOHO. Not interested.", Ojou-kun says.

(Thank the stars. That's my boy!), the father monologues, crying manly tears.

"Wut? Who said I was asking you out? Aren't you still in school, kid? Stay in it.", the man says, pulling out a cigarette, lighting it up.

*KOFF!*, the Ojou chokes as a fresh bellow is blown in his face.

He was pissed off now.

The two strikes combat poses.

"Now you know what I want! Normally, I wouldn't hit a girl, especially not one as stunning as yourself. You see, punching me while taking care of your old man made me have a grudge against you.

I want to test your worth.", Osprey retorts.

"Ohoho?", Makoto points at himself quizzically.

This makes his father turn towards them.

"Please, Mr. Osprey! Not my child!", he exclaims.

"HERE I COME!", Osprey screeches with a sadistic smile on his face.

(Don't worry, Otousan.), Makoto thinks calmly.

Makoto traded him blow for blow.

He looked briefly at his dad, who had panic on his face.

This window was more than enough for Osprey.

He lands a strong right hook on the Ojou.

Makoto is stunned, but gets up, and says, "Ohoho! It's clear I can't fight at my full power when I know someone I'm trying to protect is at stake. However, I can do this."

He proceeds to slap the cigarette out of the mouth of Osprey, and stomp it out on the carpet.

A menacing face appeared on the man.

"That...was my only cigarette."

He then reaches for his pocket, and a slight click sound was heard.

"You know what, fuck this. I planned on taking your father back alive, but it looks like time for drastic measures.", he continues, pulling out a pistol.

"A gun!?", we all exclaim, raising our hands up.

"This is what will happen. You will die, then the rest of them will fall. Like. Dominoes.", he says pointing the pistol at Makoto.

A voice was heard behind him.

"Senpai! Look out!"

A cat maid jumps in the way as the gun was fired.

" saved me.", the haughty waka said to the wildcard.

"Ye...'guess I did.", he says, bleeding out fast from his right arm, where the bullet hit.

Jin runs toward him.

"Funny cat lady-san! Funny cat lady-san! Are you okay, funny cat lady-san!?"

Each use of the name felt 10 times worse than a gunshot.

He foamed at the mouth.

"FUNNY CAT LADY-SAAAN!", Jin exclaimed.

The man pointed his gun at the CEO.

"Otousan!", Ojou-kun and Jin screamed in unison.

We all gasped as he tried firing it, but it jammed.

"Fuck.......FUCK!", he exclaims, as he jumps out the broken window.

"That was....that was close...", Makoto says as he passes out.

"MAKO-NIICHAAAAN!", Jin screams.

Gurgling is heard behind him.

"FUNNY CAT LADY SAAAN!", Jin screams.

"Calm down, son. They're just both down for now.", his father says.

"How long?", Jin says.

"Let's tend the wound of your new friend there, first. He'll be good in about a hour, give or take, and I want to thank him when he wakes up.

Your brother will regain consciousness in a couple of minutes."

"BROTHER!?", Shy-kun exclaims behind him.

(Uh-oh.), Jin thinks nervously.

"So, Fujikoba-senpai is? IS? fuaaaahh.....", the timid rabbit says, falling down at the end.

"KAMAMORI-SAAAAAN!", Jin shouts, trying to wake him up.

Having botched the landing, Osprey limps away, but as he does so, a foot extends from a nearby corner, tripping him.

A bearded old man says, "Pardon me. I came here to check on an old friend, and it seems you have caused a bunch of my younger ones some trouble. We can't have that now, can we?"

(FUUUUUUUCK!), the man screams internally, looking up at him.

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