Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (3/3)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (3/3) comedy stories

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This is the last one for 2020. May you all enjoy the new year! 🎊🎊🎊


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (3/3)

The oppressed neko was escorted to a white room.

It looked blank, except for a table and a few machines, almost like a laboratory of sorts.

"If you would, please place our guest on that table.", Ojou-says, snapping his fingers as he goes to pull out some supplies from a compartment at one of the machines.

Watson leans over to whisper something in Wildcard-kun's ear.

"Abe-san. Please. My Lady is at her wit's end. I really hate it when she gets worked up, and most of all, I hate this room in particular.

I promise that you will be a free young man within a week, so please, for the meantime, side with her.", Watson urges.

Wildcard-kun did not trust him one bit.

"Like. Hell.", Wildcard-kun barked as he was laid on the bed.

Ojou-kun pulled something out of the supply container, and sauntered over.

"I feel generous, so I shall give you one last chance. What'll it be?"

"Bite meh, 'unt.", he spouts at his captor.

His face was full of rage as he looks up at the rich benefactor, who was smiling with joy.

Something can be seen growing fast underneath the dress of the blonde drill boy.

The momentum of his own sudden erection made him stumble back a little.

"O-Oh! Excuse me. It's been a long time since I have felt this way. It's a good thing I wasn't wearing anything underneath, ohoho...", he says nervously.

Wildcard-kun's eyes damn near popped out at the sight of the prominent bulge.

"Holeh shite!", he exclaims.

This causes Ojou-kun to turn red, and try (and fail) to cover his erection in reflex.

"I-it's not like I can help i~uh...silence!", he responds.

"It's teh size of meh forearm! Keep away, ye demon!", Wildcard-kun screeches as Ojou-kun walks towards him with the needle.

The cat maid breaks free from the bindings that Watson left loose on purpose in an unnoticeable attempt to ensure Wildcard-kun's safety.

"WHAT!?", Ojou-kun exclaims in disbelief.

The two chase each other around the room for a couple of minutes.

As they stop, both are out of breath, but one moreso than the other.

"Huff...huff...", Ojou-kun pants, sweating hard.

"Are ye a~", Wildcard-kun starts to say.

"OHOHO! Don't you DARE ask me that! It is none of your business.", Ojou-kun angrily interrupts him.

"Consiterin' ye were gannae put meh t' sleep an' use t'at t'ing? It kinda is my beeswax.", the cat responds.

"It's. Not. A. Thing! I also was not planning on doing what you were thinking.", Ojou-kun hisses in indignation.

"And ye got teh moxie t' call meh suspicious? Take a good look'n teh mirror, lassie!", he retorts.

"Silence! I will not be looked down upon~HRK!", he says, vomiting in his mouth a little at the end, feeling nauseous.

"Looks like ye hit yer limit, eh?", Wildcard-kun remarks, noticing his adversary's weakness.

"Ugh...", Ojou-kun groans, holding his head.

"Milady!", Watson shouts as he heads over to help Ojou-kun up.

"Watson, hold the prisoner down, n-not me. I just...need to give him...the shot, and I will be fine."

"How about I sedate him, Milady? With all due respect, you are in hardly any condition to~"

"WATSON. What...did I say? Plus, my family's pride is...on the line. I have to be...the one to use this needle."

Watson hesitates for a few seconds.

"I...very good, Milady. I will do as you so choose.", he says, reluctantly.

Watson holds the cat down, but Watson turns and shifts his back between them right as Makoto thrusts toward his prisoner to take the needle in place.

"W-what are you!?", the blonde exclaims.

"Forgive me, milady. I slipped.", Watson saves with a flimsy, but credible excuse.

"H-hold him still this time. I s-still got one more...", Ojou-kun says, breathless.

"I refuse. Your "katana" has been unsheathed for too long. I shall take the prisoner back to the cellar. Please rest. Your health comes first. We can try this again once you recover.

My sincere apologies.", Watson clarifies as he rushes down the hall with Wildcard-kun in tow.

Ojou-kun, still forgetting about his erection in the heat of the moment, tried to chase after them, but only muttered out a "Come baaack...", before fainting on the hallway floor.

They both look back.

(I deeply apologize, Milady.), Watson muses.

"Will he be okay? T'at fall look like it hurt.", Wildcard exclaims.

"I assure you, the carpeted floors of this mansion is quite soft, so it's no harm done.", Watson replies.

Wildcard-kun then notices something else as they keep walking.

"Are ye ok? Teh whole needle was put int'ye.", he asks Watson.

"Oh, that? That is why I hate that room. Always being Milady's test subject for every new has gotten to where I happen to be immune to sedatives and a few other formulas.

Perish the thought of ever going back there.", he replies.

This made Wildcard-kun chuckle a little.

Outside the cellar, they have another talk.

"T'ank ye, old man. I doubted ye, but ye came t'rough in t'end.", Wildcard says.

"Think nothing of it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go call in a favor to an old friend. If anyone can help you out of this mess, it is indeed him.

By the time that Milady comes to, I myself will be under suspicion of being in cahoots with you, so I'm afraid we must part ways. As I have played my part, you have yet to play yours.

Good luck to you.", Watson says, dismissing him to the cellar after shackling him.

(Note: The following takes place Present Day)

A knock on the cellar door was heard.

"C'm in. Not like I have a say.", Wildcard-kun, nearly given up on the whole thing, says.

His eyes widen at who he hears on the other side.

"Funny cat lady-san? Is that you?"

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