Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (2/3)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (2/3) comedy stories

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You may end up liking Watson as a character when this arc is over, and this tri-parter is a major reason why. (Hint-hint)


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (2/3)

"Y'know, ye neva told me why and how I'm suspicious.", Wildcard-kun says to his captor.

"I honestly do not have to tell you anything. You just are.", Ojou-kun responds.

"T'at ain't fair!", Wildcard-kun barks.

"Neither is your life.", Ojou-kun fires back, making an anger vein pop in the head of the innocent neko meido.

Meanwhile, the flustered handmaiden carried the bird to the personal in house nurse.

"There you are.", Celeste says to the nurse.

"Hello there, Mrs. Vera. What can I do for you?", the nurse responds.

She then notices the bird in Celeste's hands.

"Oh, bad is it?", the nurse says.

"Master's orders.", Celeste replies.

"Say no more. Please, if you will.", the nurse says, holding her hands out.

"Take care of him.", Celeste says as she hands him over.

"Of course. Leave it to me.", the nurse replies with a warm smile and a slight bow as to be respectful, but also to make sure she did not drop him.

"Arigatou.", Celeste says as she heads back.

As she walks down the hallway, she looks back.

(I know Milady forbade it, but...I could've did more.), she thinks to herself, tears in her eyes.

Back at the study, Watson is eyeing the two youths in argument, wishing he himself could say something at the moment, but knowing his place, was forced to watch.

"An' I sed I'm innocent! Fer teh last time!"

"And I say you're not! What will you do?"



Watson was practically rolling his eyes at the children bickering.

(I am honestly not paid enough for whatever this is.)

"You cannot refuse a Fujikoba!", Ojou-kun screams in shock.

"Jes did.", Wildcard-kun says.

"That's it! Watson, to the inquisition room he goes. OHOHOHO!", the rich captor cries out as his servant hauls the black cat off, sighing heavily.

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