Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (1/3)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (1/3) comedy stories

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Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 39 (1/3)

Wildcard-kun sat alone in the cellar.

"What'd I feckin done t'deserve t'is?", he asked himself as he holds his shackled up hands to his face.

(Note: The following takes place between Chapter 37 and Chapter 38.)

Ojou-kun sits at the desk in his study, examining an injured finch.

"Watson, if you will, bring in the prisoner. Celeste, fetch our nurse to tend to the wounded.", he says, snapping his fingers at his handmaiden and butler, who were both on standby.

"Very good, milady. Right away.", the old Brit says as he goes off to fetch Wildcard-kun.

Celeste raised her hand.

"Excuse me, milady. If I may, I do know a little of suturing, and I happen to carry a stitching needle. Perhaps I could assist the poor bird a little bit myse~"

Ojou-kun silences her with a stopping hand gesture.

"OHOHOHO! Who gave you permission to suggest anything!?"

Celeste recoils back after realizing that she spoke out of turn.

"M-my apologies, milady!", she cries, bowing her head.

Ojou-kun walks to the window, looking outside.

"I swear, if this bird dies on my watch, my dear President Kamamori-senpai will never let me live it down...", Ojou-kun muses, still unaware that Celeste had not left the room.

"M-milady?", Celeste asks out of concern, bird in hand.

She had never heard her master using such an honorific before.

This breaks him out of his trance.

"Ohoh? You are still here? I thought I have given you your orders.", Ojou-kun hisses at his maid.

"I am on my way to get the nurse!", Celeste says, rushing out the door.

"Good. I hate repeating myself.", an annoyed Ojou-kun mutters under his breath.

Moments later, Watson returns with the poor random lad in tow.

"So, have you made up you choice?", Ojou-kun says to him.

"Are you under me, or against me?"

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