Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (5/5)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (5/5) comedy stories

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It is I, back after a little outage spell, returning to finish this for you. 😀


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (5/5)

"Do you have any idea what you are asking!?", Prez-kun exclaims as he slams his palm down on his desk.

Cringe-kun, taking another bite out of his confectionery sweet, chimes, "I'm gonna have to agree with the Prez here.

Even if there's a 1% chance you're on to something, there's still a 99% percent chance you're joking."

I remained silent after hearing this tidbit.

(I want to believe him, and he is definitely not the type to tell jokes, but all of this seems so...), I think to myself.

"Far fetched?", Shy-kun says, finishing my monologue, as if he read my mind.

"Yes, I know, you guys. It seems far fetched, but Fujikoba-senpai's disappearance seems too unusual to ignore.", Shy-kun continues.

He then looks at me.

"I don't know Abe-san as much as you do, but if he is your friend, I want to at least see what can be done to help get to the bottom of this. May I ask you something?", he asks.

"Of course. What is it?", I say, cocking my head inquisitively.

"The day you met him at the park, what kind of feeling did you get from him?", Shy-kun asks.

"I don't think those two got that fa~OOF!", Cringe-kun managed to say before Prez-kun appeared behind him, smacking him on the head.

"This is a serious matter.", Prez-kun comments as his friend is rubbing his head in pain.

"Please don't joke, Motonoya-senpai!", Shy-kun exclaims, face red.

I, however, knew what Shy-kun meant before Cringe-kun twisted it into a double entendre in a cunning but bold attempt to break the tension.

"If I had to judge his character~", I start to say.

"Oh, his personality, you meant.", Cringe-kun says, slamming a closed hand on an open palm, as if he had a eureka moment.

"YOU SERIOUSLY JUST THOUGHT OF THAT NOW!?", both Prez-kun and Shy-kun exclaim in sheer disbelief at how dense one could be.

"I honestly wonder how you manage to keep above average grades.", Prez-kun sighs, pursing up his glasses, then turning to me, "Apologies. Please continue."

"~It would be aloof at first glance, but experienced. As plenty have pointed out before, however, he doesn't seem to be from around here, so he probably gets lost easily.

That's my description of him. I hope that helps.", I finish.

Shy-kun takes but a moment to think about this, then comes up with his answer.

"It just couldn't be a coincidence, right!?", Shy-kun bursts.

"Even if you say that, I still find it hard to believe one kidnapped the other. The thought of even trying to see for ourselves is even more preposterous.

I want to believe you, as I know you are serious about this, but...", Prez-kun says.

"I really want to believe you, too.", Cringe-kun pipes up, hunched over the back of a chair with a doughnut in his mouth.

"What is your take on this?", Prez-kun says, looking at me.

I scratch my head silently.

Shy-kun lowers his head on the verge of tears.

In that moment, the door to the Student Council room pops open.

"Young Kamamori was not wrong in his hunch.", a voice says.

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