Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (4/5)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (4/5) comedy stories

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What would you think his plan is? (The next part will give it away. )


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (4/5)

As the next day passes, neither Wildcard-kun, nor Ojou-kun are anywhere to be seen or heard from.

During the afterschool Committee meeting, Prez-kun takes a look at the attendance sheet.

Shy-kun, Cringe-kun, and I are sitting at the table in the middle.

Shy-kun fidgets nervously, with a concerned look on his face.

After reading the sheet, Prez-kun puts down the paper.

He says, "That's strange. Fujikoba-san has not attended school at all this week. Abe-san has not turned in his work, either.

For the former, who had perfect attendance since the day he transferred here, and the latter, who never missed an assignment to suddenly cease production is...unsettling.".

Shy-kun starts to speak up.

"T-This may be a hunch, but I think I know what might have happened.", Shy-kun pipes up.

"Oh?", both Prez-kun, and I exclaim, curious to know what he meant by that.

"Mph.", Cringe-kun chimes in, after stuffing his face with a Swiss roll, with equal curiosity.

Shy-kun turns beat red, waving his arms.

"L-L-Like I s-said, this is only a hunch, so please don't take it at face value!", he exclaims, flustered.

"There are no dumb hunches, only dumb people. I trust yours completely, no matter what.", I say to Shy-kun.

He blushes at my statement, a little off guard at my agreement before he even had a chance to explain it.

"I...will go with what the Committee agrees on.", Prez-kun says, unaware of what was about to come out of Shy-kun's mouth.

Shy-kun gets up from his seat, and bows to Prez-kun before sitting back down.

"Arigatou.", he says.

He then goes into detail about his theory, and his pending request.

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