Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (2/5)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (2/5) comedy stories

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This arc will be a little more serious than the others before it, but I'll try to lighten the mood at times. 😅


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (2/5)

Day in, day out, Wildcard-kun was nowhere to be found.

What we didn't know was that he was in the Fujikoba household, under constant watch.

It didn't bother me much, considering he rarely ever came to school, so I paid his absence no mind.

On the way to gym, I noticed that Ojou-kun, who usually walks with me until he enters his own class in the same hallway, was absent. Now, THIS was weird to me.

Shy-kun chases after me, saying, "Wait! Wait up!".

He was out of breath, and covered in sweat.

"I-I may know why Fujikoba-senpai is absent.", Shy-kun says after catching his breath.

I ask him what he meant by that.

"Someone at her house is being held prisoner, and he may be a guy. Oh, I have said too much. Please don't tell anyone!", he squeaks, covering his face in shame.

Well, at least one of those things I knew was true, but it's best not to tell him.

As we walk to the gym, I ponder for a second.

(They're both absent on the same day...I hope this is a coincidence.), I think to myself.

Shy-kun looks at me, knee deep in concentration.

"Are you ok?", he asks with a look of concern.

This snaps me out of it.

"Ah, yeah. Sorry.", I tell him.

Little did I know that it wasn't just a coincidence.

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