Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 37
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This chapter officially concludes the first date arc! I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you all so much for your support. Next time on Crossdress Chronicles: The Rescue Arc. Stay tuned, readers. I'm so cliché...😀


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 37

Walking home by himself, Tomboy-kun notices a group standing near a convenience store.

"You shoulda seen her. Twintails, pink hair, and the hottest body imaginable, but she was flat up top. Like, as a board.", one of them, a certain purple haired punk says to his group.

The description was a dead ringer for Tsundere-kun.

(Miri-chan...), the red speedster thought to himself as he continued to listen in on them.

Apparently, the buzzcut was their leader.

"Damn. I like 'em young.", another one says, prompting awkward stares in his direction, and large beads of sweat to roll down their heads in humiliation.

"What?", the guy, a blonde haired mohawk kid with sunglasses on, asks. He was weird, even for them, like the kind of guy that would freak a crowd out over his..."tastes", like wearing his sunglasses at all times, even at night.

The purple buzzcut shakes his head, and continues.

"She could dance...and fight.", he says, holding his crotch at that last word.

"She could beat me up anytime.", the mohawk pipes up.

The group awkwardly stares at him as more sweat drops down from them.

"I am a man of culture, thank you.", the mohawk prdefully boasts, putting on a pretentious pose while doing so.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear any of that...Nonetheless, disregarding the commentary, I am now retired from gaming.", he says.

"Boss! You don't mean that, do you!?"

"You're a lean, mean, dance machine! You can't give up!"

"We'll raid her place and set it on fire in the name of justice!"

This last comment from a random lackey put a fire of rage in both the buzzcut, and the eavesdropping Tomboy-kun.

They both ran towards him and grabbed him.

"A deal's a deal. I already lost my shit once on a whim, and regret it. I will NOT have you or any of my other brothers sully my name seeking vengeance.

We don't do that in this gang, do you hear me!?", he screams to the lackey.

The lackey screams, "Gomenasai!".

The buzzcut notices another arm grabbing the person alongside his.

He looks next to him, and sees a pissed off redhead.

"Jeez, another chick...who are you?", the buzzcut says.

Tomboy-kun looks up at the buzzcut.

"Someone the person you were talking about knows, and someone you don't want to know.", Tomboy-kun retorts.

This startles him.

(T-they're friends!?), he internally screams.

Today just wasn't his day.

"Best friends, even.", Tomboy-kun says, as if he read the poor purple hair's mind.

"Look, we don't want troubl~", the buzzcut tries to protest.

"Then why are you bringing it to her?", Tomboy-kun asks in a calm, but stern voice.

"This asshole's opinion does not reflect the rest of ours, toots.", the buzzcut says.

"Yeah!", the rest of the group shouts in unison, agreeing with him.

Tomboy-kun thinks for a moment, then takes his arms off the lackey.

"Ok, I believe you.", he says, as he walks away.

However, he wasn't done talking, as he looks back.

"But, if you do anything to her, and I mean ANYTHING...", he starts.

He puts on his shades.

"There will be no mercy.", he finishes with a cold-blooded tone, then dashes off into the night.

The group is startled at this.

"I like her style. Can she beat me up, too?", the mohawk pipes up after a moment of silence, eliciting more beads to drop from his fellow gangs head in embarrassment.

"How many weirdos will I run into tonight!?", the buzzcut squeals.

The lackey from before speaks up.

"A-am I~"

"Oh, you bet your sweet ass you are!", the buzzcut says, pointing him away from the gang.

The lackey shuffled away into the distance as he was no longer a member.

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