Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 36
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 36 comedy stories
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Fun fact: I had made this while Chapter 35 was still ongoing, between the third and fourth part.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 36

(Note: This takes place during the events of Chapter 35)

As the two walk toward the track, Tomboy-kun asks the school student, "So...enjoying the view?", with a grin.

The student was looking at his ass, exposed by his short skirt.

"I...wasn't~", the student starts to say, but Tomboy-kun cuts him off.

"We both know you were.", Tomboy-kun says nonchalantly, putting his arms behind his head as they keep walking.

At the starting line, Tomboy-kun pulls out a stopwatch from his pocket.

"Here, time me.", he says, tossing the stopwatch at the student.

"H-Hai!", the student replies.

Tomboy-kun gets into a starting position as the student puts his fingers on the start button of the stopwatch.

Tomboy-kun takes off.

The student is startled at how blindingly fast this red haired phenomenon was.

Everything from the form, the pace, and the freedom this person seemed to express while running had captured his heart,

even though they had just met at the comic book store a month ago over Flash comics.

He looked at Tomboy-kun run three laps, blushing.

When he was finished running, he skid to a halt, kicking up a bit of stray dirt that got on the student's uniform, snapping him out of his funk.

"That's for looking at my ass. What's my time?", Tomboy-kun asked.

The student had forgotten to press the stop button.

"Aaaaah! Gomenasai!", he shouts.

A slightly irritated Tomboy-kun sighs and says, "It's fine. Now, I will do it again.

Remember, we both have roles to play in this, so don't mess up now!", he looks back at the student with a wink.

"Hai...", the student says, clearly entering another daze.

As Tomboy-kun did his rounds again, the student didn't even bother to look at the watch.

He was in love.

After the laps were done, Tomboy-kun runs up to him.

"So...what's my~", he was about to ask, but notices the student was frozen with a red face.

(He didn't even start the thing! Damnit!), he thinks to himself, looking at the stopwatch.

He waves his hand in front of the lustbound student's face.

"Hello? Is anyone home?", he asks, snapping his fingers.

The student shakes his head and regains consciousness.

"A-ah! GOMENASAI! I-I-I can explain~"

"It's not going to work out. Sorry.", an exhausted Tomboy-kun says, taking the stopwatch out of the student's hands and walking off.

"N-Nohara-chan! Please wait!", he protests.

"We can still be friends, if it makes you feel any better.", Tomboy-kun says.

The student's heart was now broken. He looks on, frozen in shock as Tomboy-kun walks away from the track.

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