Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (7/9)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (7/9) comedy stories
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Have you ever seen a person with pink twintails breakdance? Me neither.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (7/9)

Tsundere-kun times every rhythm, and every beat.

The buzzcut does the same.

(Child's play.), the buzzcut thinks to himself.

They're tied neck and neck.

I walk over to the manager at the ticket exchange counter while this is going on.

He had been observing Tsundere-kun this whole time (mostly at his rear).

I tell him, "I apologize for my girlfriend. I want to give this to the arcade in return for the money she took off of everyone. It may not have been illegal, but it was highly immoral, so I take full responsibility.", brandishing a yen note.

"Nonsense. The Queen Of The Arcade graces us with her presence. Those fools paid the tribute.", he says.

This startled me, catching me off guard.

"You know her!?", I ask him.

He leans over the counter to whisper something in my ear.

"Know her? She comes in every other week to blow money and get more from her followers. Hell, don't tell anybody this, but I knew her back when she was a King.

If you heard that from anybody, you didn't hear it from me.", he says.

He knew good and well who Tsundere-kun was.

We watch the dance continuing.

The part of the song that comes up next makes the buzzcut's knees shake: it's the punk's weakness, the reason why he's only 75% successful at the song, or in other words, the incomplete 25%.

(K-kuso! We were even, but now...No! No time to think about that. I'll at least get one. Have fun being a no~)

He looks over at Tsundere-kun and neither he, nor the crowd, nor me and the manager could not believe our eyes.

Tsundere-kun did a spinning breakdance, using the momentum from his lower half to propel further upwards while keeping his hands steady, not missing a single note the whole time.

His breakdance ended with in an upside down handstand, where he did a peace sign with his right hand towards the buzzcut, doing a cutesy smile and winking while sticking his tongue out, as if to taunt him, and balancing his body with his left hand. The buzzcut was frozen in shock at his dance moves, as was me and the manager.

(It's a good thing I wore leggings today.), he thought to himself, noticing everyone was staring at his exposed lower half, since he was upside down.

As the song ended, both Tsundere-kun and the buzzcut were out of breath and sweating.

Both were panting in anticipation as the results came in.

Tsundere-kun:100% Buzzcut:76%

"You're a lucky man.", the manager called out to me, as I walked back toward the crowd.

"How do ya like that? Looks like YOU are the super stupid one here.", Tsundere-kun asks the buzzcut after he squeezed his way out of the guardrails, and off of the outer platform.

" cheated. You knew that song was the only one I wasn't good at.", the buzzcut says.

"Oh, boy. Here we go with the theories. Weirdo. Just accept your loss like a man.", Tsundere-kun says without a trace of sympathy in his voice.

"SHUT UP! NO ONE BEATS ME, ESPECIALLY NOT SOME GIRL!", he screams, rearing up a fist towards Tsundere-kun.

Seeing this, I immediately jump in, and block the punch with my back.

It...didn't feel bad. I felt sorry for the poor kid. Must have been rough for him.

"Hm.", I react, surprised at how little that hurt.

"Hey. Didn't your mother tell you not to hit a lady, BAKA!?", Tsundere-kun shouts, running past me, and kicking him guessed it.

The buzzcut clutches his groin in pain as the crowd cheers.

"Come on. We're out of here.", Tsundere-kun says, pulling me by the arm and dragging me out, hips swishing with each step.

"I'll see ya next week!", the manager calls out.

"Haaaaai!", Tsundere-kun calls back.

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