Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (6/9)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (6/9) comedy stories

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I have plans for the new character after this arc, just not sudden ones.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (6/9)

As the punk lines up on his end, he smiles with arrogance.

(This'll be a piece of cake. I might as well give him a handicap.), the buzzcut thinks to himself.

Tsundere-kun lines up to the panel, and the punk says, "You know what? I usually select the song, but this time, ladies first. Don't pick anything boring, now.", snickering through his hubris.

"Oh, I won't.", Tsundere-kun says, with the perfect one already in mind.

The buzzcut's eyes widened in panic as he saw what Tsundere-kun selected on the screen: the hardest song.

Beads of sweat poured down his face.

He had perfectly mastered every other song in the selection, except that one.

(Y-You're kidding...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?), the buzzcut exclaims internally in pure shock while gazing at his competition.

Tsundere-kun looks back at him, noticing his increasing regret.

"Not chickening out, are you?", he asks the buzzcut.

"N-no. Just surprised someone like you would pick the hardest song, is all. Either you're stupid, or SUPER stupid.", he replies back.

(There's no way this girl could make even a single correct step. Look at that gigantic lower half of hers, she barely squeezed through the guard rail to get up here.

It's a good thing I have a 75% success rate on this song. Looking back at it, I don't think I have a thing to worry about. Why was I worried again?), he was musing to himself.

While the punk was lost in thought, Tsundere-kun grins maniacally as the song starts.

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