Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (3/9)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (3/9) comedy stories

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S*ga, please don't sue.
Fun at the arcade continues.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (3/9)

The moment Tsundere-kun was done pilfering the locals with his charms, he happily hops over to me.

"This should last us for days.", he says.

As much as I wanted to chastise him and make him give back every coin, I decide not to, as I look at them, gaping at Tsundere-kun with lustful dumbstruck faces.

The sight of them letting theirselves easily being taken advantage of sickens me.

"Come on, let's go!", Tsundere-kun says, pulling me by the arm.

We head toward a fighting game cabinet, it was a new V*rtua Fighter.

I almost thought for a minute I could best him since I played the last installment, and was good at it, then I remembered his old man saying that he was the master of the arcade.

It kind of makes me wonder if he took money from those people before and they were too lovestruck to remember it.

"Tell ya what, beat me even once while we're here, and dinner is on me!", he says with a grin.

"Just once, huh? It should be easy.", I say back to him.

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