Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (2/9)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (2/9) comedy stories

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Didn't want to do a long chapter, but when it comes to a dating arc, I can't afford to half it. Tsundere shows his demonic side once again in this part.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 35 (2/9)

As we walk inside the arcade, the patrons avert their gazes from the screens, and towards us.

"Are you sure this was the right idea?", I ask Tsundere-kun.

"This'll be fine. Besides, it was your idea in the first place, baka.", he relies back to me.

"Who is that guy? Better yet, who is that girl with him?"

"A real big booty goth gf rofl!"

"Omigosh, is that real?"

"Lucky bastard."

"I gotta show this to my sister!"

Various reactions to our arrival were abound as they pull out their phones and take pictures as if we were a celebrity couple.

I look over at Tsundere-kun, worried about how he would act at all the attention he was getting.

He was surprisingly calm.

"Watch and learn baka.", he says to me without skipping a beat.

He saunters over to a group of the onlookers, and does a cutesy pose.

"My my, gentlemen. I haven't played a videogame before, and my friend over there insisted I should.", he says, pointing in my direction.

What is he planning...

"You don't mind sparing a few coins for little old me, would you?", he says at one of them, batting his eyelashes as he does so.

The boy blushes hard.

"N-no, not at all, ma'am! Take as much as you want!", he says, handing Tsundere-kun the contents of his wallet.

Oh, no.

He mercilessly takes it all.

The others see this.

"No fair, man! You cut in line! I was talking to her first!"

"If anyone should give that cutie any money, it should be me!"

"I called dibs the moment she came in with that scruffy looking guy."

As offended as I was about that last comment, I said nothing about it, and continued to watch Tsundere-kun work his miraculous magic.

"Tee-hee! I'll take whatever you're willing to give, if it'll help me, what's the word you gentlemen say...'get good'?", Tsundere-kun says.

I look at him, mouthing the word (Yamero.), but he shakes his head.

They all, of course fall in line, and he strips them dry down to the last coin.

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