Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (3/3)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (3/3) comedy stories

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I wonder which one is more important. Freedom, or dignity? So many options, so little time.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (3/3)

Moments later, Wildcard-kun had arrived at the study where Ojou-kun was waiting.

"The prisoner has arrived, madam.", Celeste notifies Ojou-kun, who was facing the window in a large chair.

"Your guest for this evening, milady.", Watson excuses himself with a bow.

Ojou-kun swivels the chair around to face his captive.

"OHOHOHO! So the fly has caught itself in the spider's web.", Ojou-kun says with a menacing grin.

"Lissen 'ere! I ain' did a bleedin' t'ing!", a mortified Wildcard-kun shouts at his captor.

"Oh, really?", Ojou-kun says back.

"Even yer servan o'er t'ere knows it!", Wildcard-kun insists, looking at Watson.

(C'mawn, laddie! Ye know it t'be true!), he thinks in anticipation.

Watson immediately looks away, whistling to feign obliviousness.

(Forgive me, Abe-san.), the old butler thinks to himself, sweating out of guilt, knowing himself the child was not the spy.

(What t'ell!? Is er'one in t'is house bleedin' mad or somet'ing!?), Wildcard-kun internally screams, shocked at Watson's refusal to bail him out.

Ojou-kun then says, "Innocent, you say? Pray tell, then, what were you doing on the property of the Fujikoba estate?"

"I 'ave a piss poor sense o'direction. Cannae see a t'ing in teh dark, eitha.", Wildcard-kun explains.

Ojou-kun ponders this for a minute, then comes to a decision.

"OHOHOO! OHOHOO! OOOOOOOOOHOHOHO~*ahem* Excuse me.", Ojou-kun clears his throat after his laughter.

Wildcard-kun did not like where this was going.

"Fine. I'll believe you, on one condition.", Ojou-kun says.

Wildcard-kun cocks his brow to one side, curious as to what this might be.

"I would like you to prove your innocence by being my servant. Watson and Celeste shall monitor you at all times, of course.

I'm sure that Watson has already informed you of the reason you're here. If your performance is noteworthy and you're not the spy, I guarantee your freedom.", the aristocrat explains.

"An wot seh if'n I refuse?", the Wildcard asks.

"You do NOT refuse the request of a member of the elite Fujikoba family! Know your place, peasant! OOOOHOHOHO! However, if such a dilemma were to occur, I shall make next experiment.

", Ojou-kun says, licking his lips immediately after the word "experiment".

Wildcard-kun DEFINITELY did not like where this was going.

"Whaddya want fro'me!?", he screams, struggling in vein to break free.

"I don't repeat myself. You should already know. Decide by the end of Sunday, or I'll decide for you. Take him back to his chamber.", Ojou-kun says, snapping his finger to Watson.

"Very well, milady.", Watson says, escorting Wildcard-kun away from the study.

He wad so ready to break free from his bindings, then break the face of a certain rich benefactor, that he could taste it.

Watson looks at him as they walk, then lowers his head, knowing that Wildcard-kun was completely innocent, yet would not dare go against his master's wishes,

even if an ice water vendor set up shop in hell.

(I deeply apologize for this. When he gets worked up like this, he won't listen to a word I have to say. Abe-san, I hope you'll forgive this old fool.

), he thinks to himself, as Wildcard-kun was reluctantly dragged back to the cellar.

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