Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 27 (2/2)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 27 (2/2) comedy stories

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If you're looking for a love arc, the one incoming is for you.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 27 (2/2)

Tsundere-kun had been acting strange since this morning, and I had no clue why.

This silent tension on the rooftop with him facing away from me made me question what could be so important.

He had not even spoke a word to me in the car that night.

Little did I know, that I was about to find out.

Meanwhile, Shy-kun was walking down the hallway towards the stairs.

(I hope he's not hurt or anything.), he says with a look of concern.

Back on the roof, after what felt like the longest pause, Tsundere-kun starts to speak.

"You know, I feel like shit."

That part is obvious. Maybe if you weren't a little oni to people all the time, you would have good feelings for a change.

"My head has been spinning since Saturday. And whenever I get near you, I get a warm feeling that doesn't go away. My heart starts thumping, and my breathing gets heavy.

All these years, I convinced myself that Saya-chan was the one for me, because I would feel the same way near her. Until you came, she was the only one I felt that way for!", he screeches.

I now have a clue.

Meanwhile, as this was taking place, Shy-kun was walking up to the roof.

(I have decided! The next time, I see him, I'll tell him how I feel! "Croyez en vous!" Isn't that right, Delaroux-sensei?), he thinks to himself with confidence, pumping his fist.

The wind blew on us as Tsundere-kun was still turned away.

"I met you, and Keichan. Neither one of you judged. Neither one of you discriminated. You both were nice to me.

Keichan is a dull, but really reliable friend, but for some reason, I don't mind that much. But, around you, it becomes hard to think, to speak, to function!", he continues.

Shy-kun is up the final flight, anticipating my arrival to the council room.

Tsundere-kun continues, "Besides Saya-chan, you are the only other person that has made me feel this way. I'm don't know why I have been feeling this way, and I'm so confused!"

Tsundere-kun clenches his fist.


He then turns around, and swings at me with tears in his eyes.

"~BAKAA!!!", hitting me hard.

Through my physical pain, I know that his mental pain was much worse.

I said nothing as I got up. Instead, I hugged him.

"BAKAAAAA!!!!", he swung once more.

I took the blow, lip bleeding now. I got up, and hugged him again.

"BAAAAKAAAA!!!!!", he swung one last time, nearly knocking me cold.

I struggled to keep awake, then wobbled over, and hugged him.

He starts sobbing loudly on my shoulder.

"Why!? Why won't you hate me like everyone else!?", he screams through his sobs.

Shy-kun sees me hugging who he thought was a cute twintailed girl that he never met before through the window of the door to the rooftop.

He was completely unaware of the situation.

He gasps, then walks back down the stairs without a word, without a thought. His mind was empty.

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