Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (5/10)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (5/10) comedy stories

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No surprise at who the next arc will be about.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (5/10)

As we drive, I sit in the backseat with Tsundere-kun.

I look at him, and he looks stunning. The evening gown mixed with the denim jacket and hoop earrings made him look classy, but badass, which is pretty much him to a T.

The perfume he wore was that of a nice oceanwater smell, probably something his mother uses.

His hips still smooshed mine, but I had wiggle room compared to before.

I stared at him and his beauty, and he was looking down, fidgeting nervously.

He then looks up and notices me staring at him, causing him to blush hard and turn away.

Even the pout he was giving off as he was staring out the window was cute, as his twintails blew in the wind.

My mother was giggling as she was watching everything in the mirror.

(It's all clear to me now what Father meant.), I thought to myself, as we drive to the party.

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