Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (3/10)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (3/10) comedy stories

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The original script was to have Tomboy's father pretend to confiscate his phone, wait until his mother was busy in her soap opera, and sneak him out while she was distracted.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (3/10)

As I get in the back seat, my Father says looking at me in the reflection of the rearview mirror, "You all set to hit the road?", he says.

I nod back at him, aware that he can see me.

"It's a shame that Nohara-kun still couldn't make it. I hope he's alright.", says Mother in the front seat.

I think to myself, (He is probably grounded for running again.)

After this exchange, we drive off toward the restaurant where Tsundere-kun was waiting.

Meanwhile, at the Nohara residence,

Mr. Nohara had set up an elaborate plot to make sure his son got to spend a good Saturday, as he felt kind of guilty for being the reason why he was grounded the Saturday before.

He goes up to his wife, who was watching some cable drama, and says, "BanBan, you can't keep Keichan locked in one place forever. He'll grow to resent you, just like~"

She, without skipping a beat, eyes still glued to the TV, says "Shush!", mentioning that the part on the drama coming up was something she waited weeks to tune in for.

After it was over, she mused for a second, and said "I suppose you're right. It won't hurt for him to live a little.".

They both go to Tomboy-kun's room door, and his mother knocks on the door. "Keichan, we decided that we changed our mind. We'll drive you there."

No answer from the other side.

This puts a look of concern on both of their faces. "Sweetie?", she calls out.

Still no answer.

"Fuck it, I'm coming in.", she calls.

The room was empty, but the window was open, and a note on the bed that said "If you can read this letter, then you knew this was going to happen. Love, Keichan. ^o^"

(That smug little...), Ms. Nohara thinks to herself with an anger vein on her face, crumpling up the note in a death grip.

(That's our boy.), Mr. Nohara thinks to himself with a glimmer of relief on his face, chuckling lightly.

He was going to help Tomboy-kun escape himself if he didn't do it already.

(He is SO grounded when he comes home) (He is SO screwed when he comes home), one thinks with anger and the other, concern.

As my dad drives to a stoplight, he asks me "That cat maid person that went around harassing others stopped. Do you know anything about that?"

The light turned a shade of bluish green, and we started moving again.

As I was about to answer him, a red blur streaked past the car window down the sidewalk.

"Holy shit! What was that!?" my father exclaims.

"Language, dear.", my mother says.

I smile, knowing what it was.

"I'll tell you about the cat maid later, Father. Needless to say, he won't bother you at work anymore.", I tell him.

"That's a relief.", he says.

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