Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 24
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The prologue to a long story arc. I don't want to spoil much, but someone is getting some character development incoming. 👀


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 24

The following day, during homeroom's start, I sit down at my desk.

"Psst! Hey!", someone calls out behind me.

I turn around. Tomboy-kun is waving me over as if he wanted to say something.

I figured since class hadn't started yet, it wouldn't hurt to see what he wanted.

I walk over to where he is, and prop the empty chair from the desk next to his and sit.

"That goes for you too, Miri-chan.", he adds, signaling to Tsundere-kun.

The pink haired twintail sighs heavily, then turns his wide chair around from his desk to face his chipper red haired friend.

"What could possibly be so important?", he asks with a reluctant huff in his tone.

"Ok, so get this. Some street guy went out and performed a comedy routine in front of that famous steak restaurant downtown. You know which one, right?", Tomboy-kun asks.

"Yeah, I know which one. My father hates that place because they attracted every customer in a mile radius on it's opening day, stripping us of the light bill that month due to low customer count."

Tsundere-kun remarks, reminiscing of a really bad time for his family.

"Oh...g-gomen. I didn't mean to~", Tomboy-kun starts.

"It's all in the past. Besides, the steak there is actually pretty good, especially when they serve it with melted cheese on top...", Tsundere-kun says, looking up with his mouth watering.

Both me and Tomboy-kun look at him with a blank stare, then exchange looks at each other, then stare back at him again.

The moment Tsundere-kun notices our expression, his eyes widen and he starts to blush in embarrassment. He wipes his mouth and shakes his head to snap himself out of another hunger trance.

He coughs and says "A-anyway, what were you saying about this 'performer'?", feeling a little suspicious.

"He was pretty funny. I approached him after his routine and he gave me a flyer.", Tomboy-kun says.

He then pulls it out.

"Hey, I know that guy!", I point out.

Both of them exchange glances toward me. "You do?", Tomboy-kun pipes up.

"I went to a party that he hosted with Tenryou-san and Cringe-kun.", I remark.

"Wait, you were at a party that President Mr. No Fun attended? I mean, I can see Treasurer Mr. No Funny being there, obviously.", Tomboy-kun jokes.

"PFFT!", a red faced Tsundere-kun stifles a laugh, turning away momentarily, caught off guard by this.

"So, anyway, he said that he wants me to invite everyone I know to this, and said, 'especially his blond haired friend', as if I know who his friend is.", he continues.

"Baka! He's obviously referring to Motonoya-san!", Tsundere-kun shouts.

"How was I supposed to know? Me and him are cool, but I don't know him like Mr. No Fun does.", Tomboy-kun replies.

"We call him President Tenryou-san here, you baka!", the pink hair flares at him, this time, not laughing.

Flailing his arms wildly at his disrespectful red friend he screams, "What if the Principal heard you refer to his star student just now in such a disrespectful way?

I can't even imagine what the consequences would be! I can't keep my eyes off of you for even a second! Do you know how much trouble I keep you out of on a daily basis with your running habits?

Honestly, whatdoyouhavetosayforyours~", musing on like a concerned parent to his kid.

Tomboy-kun, shielding his face, goes "Alright, alright. I get it. Sorry. Please stop bopping me. Your punches actually hurt."

"Hmph! As long as you know.", Tsundere-kun ceases with a huff, arms crossed.

I chuckle at the two.

Tomboy-kun focuses his attention back at me and says, "Will you come? Miri-chan and I will be there."

"DON'T MAKE PLANS FOR ME, YOU IDIOT!", Tsundere-kun snaps, prompting another set of agitated punches toward a helpless Tomboy-kun.

Underneath one of his textbooks, that he's using as a shield, he looks up at me, and mouths the word (Tasukete.)

I say to Tsundere-kun "Can you make it?"

He stops bopping his friend and says "That's not the point...but yes.", still upset at the redhead's antics.

"Then, I don't see the probl~"

"I don't do well in crowds, ok? Drop it.", he says, looking down.

He then continues "You two don't know what it's like, being asked by random strangers you never met and humiliated about your figure...I-I don't want to go.".

"I'm sorry, Miri-chan. I didn't know how you felt about it.", Tomboy-kun tells him. "You know what, if you won't go, I won't go, either. It's not fun if you're not there with us.", he adds.

"Thanks, but it's better if you do have fun without me. Don't worry, I'll be fine.", Tsundere-kun says.

Tomboy-kun pouts, and is about to say "Ok~", but then I have an idea.

"What if you DO go?", I say to him.

Tsundere-kun tears up angrily, and say "Baka! Did you not just hear what I said!?"

Tomboy-kun looks at me, clearly upset at what I said, as well.

"Before you say anything, just hear me out. I know the host, and the only person he really takes jabs at is Cringe-kun, but it's all in fun.

Now, if someone in the crowd was to harass you, or a fellow member of our school, President Tenryou-san would have none of that, and neither would Cringe-kun.

With me, Tomboy-kun, and those two at the party, you would have little to nothing to worry about. Think of it as a mentality building exercise to get over your fears.", I say.

Tsundere-kun thinks about this for a moment, then as the bell for homeroom rings, he says "Fine, but next time, just say, 'You'll keep me from punching them', or some simple stuff like that. You talk too much."

Tomboy-kun says, "Yeah, I agree that expelan~" "Explanation.", Tsundere-kun says, correcting him. "Yeah, that. I agree it was too long. Just say you'll help Miri-chan not hate crowds anymore.", Tomboy-kun says. "It's not that simple, dummy...", Tsundere-kun responds.

"Ok.", I say to them with a smile as I head back to my seat while a hungover Bucket-sensei walks in.

Saturday will be a new experience.

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