Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 22
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 22 comedy stories

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Shy-kun arc conclusion for now. I thank everyone that enjoyed it. Will more focus of Shy-kun return in the future? Yes. But as for when, who knows. 😉


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 22

On the way to PE the next day, a smiling Shy-kun is humming while walking next to me.

Ojou-kun, the person walking on the other side of me, says "Oh, my. Aren't we chipper today?".

Shy-kun remarks with "Yup! I was given a gift by someone special.", he retorts.

This notion makes Ojou-Kuhn's head start to spin. (Someone? Special?), he muses, blushing.

Shy-kun follows it up with, "They were beautiful flowers. I wanted to smell them, but my nose was so clogged that I couldn't.

I'm going to do so the moment club time starts!", grinning at me happily.

I grin back.

Ojou-kun panics, blushing further.(Flowers!? Beautiful!?)

"The feeling was overwhelming. I'm so happy!", Shy-kun squeaks with joy.

(FEELING!? OVERWHELMING!?), Ojou-kun thinks with swirling eyes, face crimson.

"Milady President! Forgive me for speaking out of line, but you didn't know..."

"Do what?", Shy-kun asks him with a look of purity and innocence.

Shy-kun is way too innocent to know what he is implying.

Luckily, I wise up to what the rich aristocrat was trying to say, and clear my throat. "We have a class to go to, and I believe we're now im front of yours.

", I say, jabbing a thumb towards his classroom door.

"Hmph.", he huffs with a pout, turning his head away from me.

He then proceeds to walk inside, and we wave at him, walking away.

As we continue walking off, he turns around, and shouts from the doorway, "I want to hear all about it later on, my dear President. OHOHOHO!"

Shy-kun looks up at me with a quizzical expression, "What does she mean by that?"

I say with a bead of sweat down my head, "Nothing. Just ignore.", chuckling lightly.

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