Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 21
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 21 comedy stories

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Shy-kun arc. 😁😁😁


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 21

The next day comes as I wake up early, thinking about the mistake I made yesterday.

(I have to make it up to him, but I don't know how...)

I muse to myself on this even further as I walk down the stairs towards the front door.

"The forecast calls for rain, sweetie!", my mother calls out from the kitchen.

I grab my umbrella and tuck it under my arm, thanking her for the heads up as I leave the house.

Today seems like it'll be yet another dull Sunday.

I walk down the streets toward the school, whose gates are opened during weekends for extracurricular clubs.

A florist on the street is selling various plants.

(I remember a time where he told me of his favorite flower...I don't know if it's enough, but if my wallet can endure it, so will I!), I think to myself, as I buy seven of them.

I hold the crate of small pots with valor, carrying them to the school, hoping he would be there.

The roof was empty, however. Not even a soul.

(Of course, he is probably still upset. My apology text may not have been enough.), I think to myself.

The crate was free, but the flowers sure weren't. Burning my allowance this quickly usually would make tears flow in my eyes, but for some reason, I felt happy to do this.

Thunder rumbles in the sky and rain starts to fall. I drop the crate and open up my umbrella. (Time to get to work.), I think, as I arrange the seven flowers neatly in front of the greenhouse.

I hope this will make up for it, I really do!

After arranging, I stand up, and gaze at my handiwork. It's a little cheesy, but at least I get work done.

"What are you doing?", a certain high pitched voice says from behind me as I wipe rainwater off of my forehead.

"Whoa!", I shout as I spun around, completely unaware that someone else had come.

My look turned into one of shock into one of even greater shock.

Shy-kun was covered in water. He pressed the underside of his nose, sniffling.

He most likely didn't know it was going to rain, but that's not important right now.

"I..."...I start to say, but Shy-kun raises up his hand silently, as if to stop me, acting somewhat unusual.

As if entranced by what he sees behind me, he walks toward it.

The moment he sees the full view, he stands frozen. "D-did you do this?", he says with a stuffy voice, trembling.

As weird as he was acting, I decided to answer him anyway. "Yes. I figured your club could use these, and..."

He cusps his hands over his mouth, tearing up at the sight.

Seven pots of lilies arranged in a rabbit pattern were looking back at their new owner.

I hold my umbrella over his head. "...I wanted to apologize again about yesterday.", I say, finishing my sentence.

Shy-kun turns around fast towards me, looking up with a overwhelmed desperate look of shock, and then jumps on me, gripping me tight.

I lose my balance and drop my umbrella.

"SENPAAAAAAI!", he cries out loudly, echoing through the sky louder than even the thunder.

Pedestrians on the busy streets miles away below turn towards the school confused as to what the fuck they just heard.

Shy-kun buries his face on my shoulder, sobbing loudly.

"Let's go home.", I say to him, as I pick up the umbrella and hold it over his head, as I smile and start to feel like crying, too.

"Do you forgive me?", I ask him as I walk him home under my umbrella. "Of course. Always.", he responds back, looking up at me with a smile of adoration.

We walk until we are at the outside of what looks to be an old temple. "This is my home.", he says. "I would happily invite you inside for dinner, but my parents are strict about having over any uninvited guests.", he continues.

Shy-kun looks one way, then another. "Oh, if only there was a way!", he says, becoming increasingly flustered.

I say "It's ok. I can come over another time. Besides, it's getting late and we have school tomorrow. See you then.", and turn to walk away.

A pair of footsteps patter behind me as I walk off and a pair of arms hug me tight from behind. "Arigatou, senpai."

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