Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 19
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 19 comedy stories

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Short and sweet. The precious blue cinnamon roll will have a prominent arc soon, but this is just a precursor to it. 😉 Source:

Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 19

The next day, I head to PE during first period. While doing so, I am accompanied by Ojou-kun and Shy-kun, both at each side.

"You two had already met each other before yesterday? I see...", Shy-kun says, feeling slightly depressed. "What seems to be the problem, my dear President?", says Ojou-kun, whose class happens to reside in the same hallway as the gym.

This mere query makes Shy-kun disproportionately flustered. "I-I-I-It's nothing!", he stammers out.

As we walk down the hallway, me and Shy-kun both wave goodbye to Ojou-kun at his classroom door.

As we head to the gym, I ask him "Are you going to play this time? You don't have to, if you don't want."

Ever since he first came to the school, I had never once seen Shy-kun participate in physical activities.

I assumed it was also due to the condition as to why he wore the girl's uniform, but it wasn't in my right to ask, nor would I dare go that far.

The PE teacher doesn't mind, however, so it's perfectly fine, as far as anyone is concerned.

"I-I'm sorry, senpai. It's-It's...". This question makes him break down in tears. I recoil with shock. "Whoa! Hey, hey. It's ok. I'm so sorry for asking!", I say to him. He sniffles.

"No, it's okay. It's just that I'm too embarrassed.", he responds. "Like I said, you don't have to. Do you forgive me?", I say to him. He wipes away his tears and looks at me.

"I will, if you can land a three pointer.", he jokingly says, making fun of my terrible aim. "Sure.", I pump my fist with confidence, sure that today is my lucky day.

He giggles, and says "Ganbare. I'll root for you from the sidelines.", he says as we walk in.

Needless to say, I miss all of the shots. Despite this, he had already forgiven me. He looks on at my embarrassment from the bleachers, blushing with a slight giggle.

"Tee-hee. How could anyone stay mad at someone like him?", he whispers to himself, watching on as PE continued.

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