Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 12
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 12 comedy stories

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After the drama that was Chapter 11, it's time for a comfy and funny slice of life story.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 12

It was a Saturday, and the air was clear, with the skies bright, the embodiment of freedom. I was holed up in my room, on my bed with nothing to do until my cellphone buzzed.

The message in katakana translated to: "You have received one message from Keisuke Nohara: 'r u up?'". (Tomboy-kun?), I think to myself, (I wonder what he wants.

) First time anyone has ever texted me on a weekend, so I texted back, "Yes", and laid back down, waiting for a reply.

The phone buzzed again, notifying me of his response, and it said, "If u free wanna grab a comic and some eats? will b fun! ^^". Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I reply "OK.".

I could figuratively, borderline literally see him fist pumping in triumph at my response.

As I head to the front door, I follow up my text with "but no running, pls. My shoes are not made for it and to be honest, I don't think I can keep up with you.".

I put my shoes on, and the phone buzzes. It says, "Kay :(.". He was clearly upset by it. Guess I'll buy him an extra serving of whatever food we eat to make up for it.

As I walk out of the front door, my mother says, "Be safe, dear.", and kisses me on the cheek. "Hai.", I say, looking back at her with a smile. I text him, "Where do we meet up?".

A few seconds later, he responds by pulling up a map image: It's the fountain in our plaza, which was relatively nearby. (Good.

I don't have enough on me right now for bus or train fare, so we're set.).

"I'll be there in 5 minutes.", I text to him. "Kay. Already there btw (LOL) ^^", he says. Five minutes later, I show up, and he is nowhere to be seen.

(Was I swindled? Was I tricked? Was I fucked over?), I think, as my expression sours. Then, I panic, thinking (No, he's too straightforward to pull off such a ruse.

It's too elaborate for someone like him. W-w-what if he was kidnapped before I got here!?).

As I was caught up in a funk, a face that I almost forgot tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned around, and a voice coming from a short red haired "girl" with tan skin says in an upbeat friendly manner, "What's wrong?", with a cheery smile and fanged tooth.

"She" was wearing a white tank top, a side ponytail (surprisingly good for someone with hair that short), and a skirt so short, that an inch shorter would constitute indecent exposure.

"That short red side tail...Y-you're the comic book girl!", I reply.

"Yup!", "she" says, posing with "her" tounge out, hand on "her" hip, and a peace sign sideways on "her" forehead in a diva pose. "She" then says "Wanna hang out with me?".

"I-I'm waiting for someo~", I start to say, but she pulls me, saying "Who cares? Let's go!", resonating pure genki energy. As I'm being dragged away, I think to myself (I'm sorry, Tomboy-kun.

It looks like I'm the one being kidnapped.), crying manly tears. "She" looks back at this while pulling me and rolling "her" eyes while smiling.

As we arrive to the comic book store, we both buy a copy of the newest Action Kamen, and get into an argument with another patron over whether or not it was better than Super Sentai.

Unfortunately, this debate got us kicked out, but we enjoyed it, as me and "her" both laughed it off.

After we got some ice cream, and giving "her" an extra helping as thanks for not being a hostile kidnapper, "she" then says, "Well, did you have fun?". I nod in approval.

"Did you forget about that guy you were supposed to be meeting?", "she" then says.

I never specified a gender when mentioning to "her" that I was there to meet someone, so I said, "How did you know that~". "A girl always knows.", "she" says with a wink, looking up at me.

I try to pretend that didn't just happen.

As the sun sets, we feel happy that a boring day turned good. We start to go our separate ways, but I notice "her" turn away from me, stopping for a second, texting someone.

(I wonder who she's talking to?), I think, but try to ignore it, and start to say bye, but my phone buzzes before I do.

I pick it up, and it says,"You have received one message from Keisuke Nohara: Thx I had fun (LOL)".

I look back at my kidnapper, who grinned wide, then pulled out a pair of sunglasses from "her" skirt pocket, put them on, and stormed off as fast as Tomboy-kun. My eyes went wide.

"REEEEEEH!?", I exclaimed in. shock, my voice echoing through the sky at the revelation that the comic book "girl" was Tomboy-kun, and the contact info "she" had given me was his.

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