Character Bios: Deadpan
Character Bios: Deadpan comedy stories

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This guy, despite being one of the main group members, won't appear much in the story, and that is because his character overshadows Cringe's character by a lot, and him being way more important kind of gets in the way of this one being a recurring appearance. I'll use him when there needs to be some chemistry between the two, and I will make his appearances worth it. 👍


Character Bios: Deadpan

Name: Riko Isayama

Alias: The Deadpan Snarker

Birthdate: March 18

Hair: Auburn/Short-Chestnut/Long (Crossdressed)

Eyes: Dark Brown

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'6 1/2

Waist: 7/10


Size: 5/10

Favorite Food/Drink: Takoyaki/Lemonade

Trivia: -is competitive to a fault

-compulsive gambler

-aspires to be a magician like Houdini

-likes fried stuff in general (hence, Takoyaki)

-can make everyone laugh, except Prez-kun, which irritates him

-has a bitter comedy rivalry with Cringe-kun

-frequently hosts parties and always invites Cringe-kun, for funsies. Started to invite Prez-kun after Cringe-kun started hanging out with him in an attempt to make him laugh.

He has not succeeded to this day

-is as charismatic as Cringe-kun when it comes to meeting people, except he's funny

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