Bloody Marry (an FNAF AU)
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Ok so uhh, this may be an AU already but it's pretty much an AU where everybody age drops down to 13-14 and they all go to the same school. And the main ship is *wHeEzEs* Vincent x Mike! Hope you enjoy it! Also, it is gonna be in Mikes POV until I want it to change ùwú. pLuS the animatronics are da teachers.

Bloody Marry (an FNAF AU)

I opened to feel warm liquid dripping down my face. I opened one eye and saw my dog about to lick. I sat up and pat my dog."It's the first day of school, am not gonna be back until 4:05.

" I said still patting my dog, I looked at my closet and gave a sigh.

I got up and walked to my closet and opened the door slightly. I grabbed the uniform I had to wear and wrapped the jacket around me, "It's way too hot out.

" I said looking out the window, I quickly changed to my dark blue and dark purple uniform. When I was done I heard a loud SPLAT.

I turned around quickly with sweat dripping down from my forehead and my right cheek.

"Sup Mike!" the person said with their face directly on my window, I laughed."Vincent the heck! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I said walking to my window to open it.

"Sorry Mikey, wanna walk to school together?" He replied leaning his arm on my window.

I did a small smile, "Sure Vincent, just wait, I gotta eat something real quick!" I responded moving out of the way for him to climb through the window.

I walked to the kitchen seeing a note on the dining table."Dear Mike,

Sorry baby boy but me and your farther had to go to work early. Some pancakes are in the fridge are for you to microwave and eat.

You can go ahead and let your best friend Vincent have some too! Just two for you and two for Vincent, have a good first day of school.

~Mom" I said out loud, I felt cold hands wrap around me, "FRICK!" I screamed while kicking my legs while I was being lifted.

I turned my head and saw Vincent smiling, "Heh, should have seen your face." He snickered slowly placing my back on the ground.

"Give me a warning, and you couldn't even see my face!" I grumbled walking to the fridge, Vincent was still snickering.

I got out the pancakes, "Hey Vincent, want any pancakes?" I asked turning to him before I got any out of the bag."Nah am good Mikey, I had food already." He responded happily.

"It must have been good, you always want to eat my parent's food," I said, placing two on the microwave-safe plate. I heard him laughing a bit."Yeah, it was good.

" He said after he stopped laughing.

After I ate my breakfast we went out my door, walking to our close-by school."So what do you think the school is going to be like?" I ask looking at the purple friend of mine.

He shrugged, "Does it look like I care about school?" He responded looking away. I smiled, "I guess school does suck." I said looking at the huge school a bit farther away from us.

I stopped in my tracks, Vincent looked at me."What happened?" He asked fully turning his whole body towards me.

"I FORGOT TO FILL MY DOGS FOOD TRAY!" I said freaking out. Vincent slightly chuckled, he started to run to my house.

I stayed right there, Vincent knew where everything was in my house, he visited me, and had so many slumber parties together.

After about five minutes he screamed, "WE ARE FRICKING LATE, RUN!" I gasped running to school.

Vincent got ahead leading the way to the class we are in. After we got in our classroom we sat down right next to each other. I say the teacher hand, a big fuzzy kind.

They walked in and looked like a furry, I grabbed Vincent hand with fear rushing down from bottom to top. He held my hand back, the strange person wrote something on the board.

"Hello class, my name is Freddy, and I am animatronic." The teacher said putting the marker down with the whiteboard had on; "BE good or I will throw you in detention.

" I heard a gulp from Vincent. I squeezed his hand to try to give him some comfort without getting in trouble. Freddy looked at me like he was saying who are you.

"My name is Mi-" "Ok not interested, you are not my favorite student." Freddy interrupted.

He then looked at a male in front of me. The kid didn't answer, "My name is William Vincent Afton, I go by Vincent around though, I really like murder mystery and horror stories.

" My friend said looking down at his desk, still holding my hand. The teacher looked like he was thinking.

"Okay, you are my favorite Vincent, how do you spell your name?" The teacher said writing; "Favorite Student;" Vincent looked at me then back at the teacher." V-I-N-C-E-N-T. A-F-T-O-N.

" William replied, the teacher nodded.

When it was our break we walk to a bench outside.

He grabbed a knife that he always brought, it was a safe one, not the kind you are thinking! He aimed and tried to hit it at a tree, failing missable.

It smacked a kid with the brown hair with a grey and blue hoodie."OUCH!" The boy yelled. Vincent was laughing while I went to the boy."You ok, and sorry about my friend, he is like that.

" I said with the boy looking at me. He shrugged, "Am fine and I am used to it. My name is Jeremy, what's yours?" He responded smiling.

I smiled back, "My name is Mike, and that purple monster who threw the safe knife at the tree is Vincent." I said chuckling. Vincent sighed then rolled his eyes.

This is the end of part 1! I am doing a challenge with this one, am gonna try to finish this fanfiction in a month! And now am going to sleep, bye and see you next part! Also will be changing the picture for the book soon hopefully!

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