DEAR MOM (very personal poem)
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Dear Mom, do you think you're a good person?

DEAR MOM (very personal poem)

Dear Mom,

do you think you're a good person?

do you honestly believe that you try your hardest?

i do

even after the insults

that rolled off your tongue like venom

i still think

that if you put all your energy to it,

roses would bloom at your feet

(mind the thorns)

but you have wasted your life

we both know it

five kids,

all at least 10 years younger than me

you've worn yourself out

and its ok to settle

i just have one question,

why settle with a boy that beats you?

thats right, he's a boy

a man would never do what he does

the bruises on you arent twisted flowers

that black eye isnt romantic

don't try to normalize the horrid

dear mom,

you were so beautiful,

before you gave up

turned to ashes

i cant judge,

i'm just like you

following in your footsteps

til one day

its my turn

to wither to dust

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