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An autobiography


I watch as the shower water drips down your skin, wrapping around your breasts and trailing down between your legs. You stand there with such innocence, rubbing the soap into your curves.

“You need help?” I ask, walking through the door. You shoot a quick, invaded glance in my direction. That familiar expression of innocence and and curiousness flashes in your eyes. I’ve seen the way you watch me when I move, your fascination with what’s between my legs.

“Yes” you respond, a shiver in your voice. It cracks and you look down at your feet. Your face turns red and you angle your eyes up towards me.

I peel the shirt off, the humidity from the shower causing it to cling to my skin. Your eyes are boldly set on me.

My dick begins to grow with anticipation. I see the way your body quivers for me. The way your fingers caress your clit softy.

I undo my belt and wind it up. I place it on the counter top and begin to undo my pants. I zip it down and pull it part way down my legs. You can see the bulge against the fabric of my underwear, outlining my dick.

Once I’m completely naked, I walk toward you and open the glass door of the shower. I take one step in and you stumble backwards till your back is pressed against the porcelain steel of the shower.

My hand grips your side forcefully and you gasp. I press my whole body against you. You feel my dick against your skin and my lips around yours. I open my lips up. I suck on your lower lip as my hand moves up...up your body.

I grasp your breast and squeeze tight. I kiss you harder and begin to feel your tongue flick. I suck on the tip of it. My hand continues its path up till my fingers are wrapped around your little neck. The way you squirm under my fist drives me mad for the taste of you.

You feel my arms wrap around your body and onto your shoulders. My fingertips barely graze your skin. I feel the goosebumps form under my touch. My lips meet your neck and follow my direction as my arms move down.

They move down your back, my lips on your breast. Down your lips on your stomach. Now, my fingers form around your lips on your pussy. I kiss your soft clit. the shower water drips down between your legs and onto my mouth.

I stretch my tongue out and tap your clit. Doing soft circles around it, I hear you let out a soft moan. My lips encircle you and suck. I feel your wet pussy wet my mouth. Slowly, I dip my tongue inside you, I feel your body go weak and my arms hold your weight as you drop onto my mouth and against the shower wall. I begin to move my mouth faster. Carving the insides of you with my tongue.

I stop and grab your hand. I lead you out of the shower and wipe your dripping body down with a towel. You make nervous eye contact every so often. I see the way your legs shake.

I grab your hand once again and you follow me into the bedroom, our bodies still naked. I lay you onto the sheets softly. “Spread your legs” I say forcefully. You obey and collapse yourself to my will. Moving to every motion I guide you in.

I tie each ankle to the bed posts of the bed so your legs can’t move. Leaving you dripping onto the sheets. I walk out of the room after I’ve tied your hands in the same fashion.

I return holding a tray. i take one, marble sized object off the tray and bring it over to you. I place the object between my teeth and press it again your pussy. A flurry of cold, sexual sensation fills your body. The ice between my teeth melts on contact with your hot skin. I rub the ice up and down until it vanishes, leaving your pussy throbbing.

I take the last cube off the tray and as I kiss you, I shove the ice inside you. You let out a screech.

My fingers begin to move on your clit, I slide them up and down your pussy before letting one slip inside you slowly, followed by another. I move my fingers in and out of you. I change my stride and push my fingers deep inside. I bend them up and caress your g-spot. You moan my name.

Finally, I untie your bonds. You get onto your knees and bend over. I can see your pussy between your legs. I pull a gag around your mouth, leaving you speechless, then tie a neckless around your thin little neck. I pull your head back, and position myself so my dick is level with your pussy.

I put pressure against you, then slide ever so slowly....inside your wet pussy. Half of my dick goes inside and I pull out, readying myself for another stroke. As I slide deeper this time, I pull the necklace harder. My dick presses into you. Deep in your body, throbbing and pulsing.

I hear you try to scream through the gag. I grip both your hair and the necklace and shove inside you. Your body buckles as I pound into your guts once again. I fuck you hard, you feel every inch of my dick stretch your pussy and burry itself inside you.

I hear you whimper again and I slap your ass, leaving a print behind. I turn your body over and hold your boobs as I fuck you. Your pussy clings to my dick. I feel pressure building inside you. I slide my dick out for the slightest second. Your pussy squirts onto me

You take a deep breath and clench your legs, but you squirt again, and again until our bodies are soaked. “Now it’s my turn little slut”

I grip your throat and shove my dick inside you. I slide in and out, harder after each thrust. I fuck you till my whole body tenses up. You feel my dick pulse and I cum inside you. It fills you up and squirts out, leaving a cremepie in your pussy.

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