The Princess That You Love To Hate
The Princess That You Love To Hate comedy stories

princessgwen A Parody Account Of The Worst Princess
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Make way for Princess Gwen!

The Princess That You Love To Hate

Somehow I find myself here.

Stuck in the mud if you will.

With nothing else to do but scream at Harold.

And of course write this.

Who's Harold? My husband to be.

I guess that would make him the future king.

You see, I'm a princess if you haven't guessed that already.

Princess Gwen to be exact.

You may have heard of Little Red Riding Hood,

Hansel and Gretel,

And even Goldilocks.

But I doubt you've heard of Princess Gwen.

That's changing right this minute.

Welcome peasant, to my world.

Everyone hates me, but somehow I'm not dead... yet.

Everyone except Peasant of Tork. Boy he's annoying.

I used to think Harold loved me,

But then he locked me in a tower.

With Peasant Tork....

He needed his incompetent friends to save me.

But less on him, and more on me.

I joined this thing called "Commaful" since I saw peasants were on it like Batman and Harry Potter.

They can't possible be better than me! So I decided to honor ALL of you with my presence.

Some say I'm selfish,

Others say rude,

But I'm amazing just the way I am.

Now about this mud...

HAROLD! You better get me out of the mud RIGHT now!

Thank heavens, the horses have started moving again.

Until next time,

Until next time, Princess Gwen

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