Party CLUB - 01
Party CLUB - 01 test stories

poppedpanda wish for self improvement
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A soon to be comic I'll make. Looking for critique on storyline. Trigger warning, potential gore, s**cide portrayed, etc... Test on this website, wanted to try this place out.

Party CLUB - 01

I'm staring at the victim and he's staring at me. His eyes are hidden away behind old fashioned glasses, the kind you don't buy unless you're the responsible type.

I get on my haunches, and take him in again but this time closer.

The warm eyes are now empty, the thick brown hair that showed the victims young age, and finally there was the thick belt that squeezed the boy beneath his chin.

Looking at him, I can easily tell that he was my age, possibly younger, and he was handsome - that you can notice straight away. He looked like a college student.

The way he was dressed told me that he was about to go to an outing, or a date, I'm not particularly good in identifying style.

I take a deep breath, and attempt to block out everything except for this corpse. I try to ignore the grimy floors of this bathroom, try to ignore the stench and buildup. It's nearly impossible.

I still can't get used to the deaths even now. I've had twelve of these cases in the last four months. All Deaths are by Asphyxiation.

The victims eyes were always bulging out as if they saw death himself, laced with splotches of red around their eyes. Ever since the economy went haywire, I've seen much more chaos in the past month than I have seen in a lifetime.

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