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Round 4 details

Round 4

Competition between the top - 5.

Coming to you like -

Coming to you like this

Round 4 becomes 10x more fun because it is about movies/ books :P

Take a movie/ book you like, write a poem based on one character's POV.

You can also explain the plot of the movie a bit in the description so that people who haven't watched the movie can get it. I'll suggest don't give too many spoilers, just the idea will be enough.

Adding to that is: you can get a customized gif from @commafultips. All you have to do is send an image to me that speaks to your poem and wait for the magic to happen and then you can use it as a background :P

Word limit: 200 words

To submit: Post the link to your poem in the comments.

The last date of submission is August 15, 2020, 10 pm IST.

2 people will go to the final round to have a grand face-off. :D

If you have questions: My DM's are open.

Good luck <3

Big thank you to

The battle is on :D

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