Poetry Battles 1
Poetry Battles 1 poetry stories

poetrybattles Battles will be back soon, here's a 🐼
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Poetry Battles 1

It was amazing to see the enthusiasm for the battles, my excitement is through the roof!

Since the enthusiasm is high and people are still joining, I have decided to keep the participation submission open till June 22, 10:00 pm IST.

Also I want to add, that poetry battle is a theme based poetry challenge, unlike rap battles that are freestyle poetry battles.

If you want to join, go to the first post by this account and tell me in its comments (link in description) If you comment your participation entry in this post's comments, I'll unfortunately have to mark it invalid D: (Please don't make me do it.)

I will post the round, team, jury and theme details on June 23. Till then, stay tuned, stay amazing and join the poetry battles if you haven't already.

Oh btw, this logo was super fun to make :D

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