Poetry Battles 1 (All the jazz)
Poetry Battles 1 (All the jazz) poetry stories

poetrybattles Battles will be back soon, here's a 🐼
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It's here, it's here, I am so stoked!

Poetry Battles 1 (All the jazz)

Had to wait forever, but it is on, people!!!


The battle will have 5 teams with 12 people each.

Everyone will write their own entry for the battle.

I will post your specific teams in upcoming posts.


The first round is called Words, words, words!

The first round is called Words, words, words! (get it? :P)

The first round will be elimination of 8 people from each team which means that only 4 people from each team will go in round 2.

I will post further round details as we go.

I would like to mention something at this point: The main goal here is to have fun in writing and explore new grounds.

Your creativity tells your story, and that is integral to you, I hope you all experiment and take something new from this!

Here's some motivation I offer myself when I am not feeling the best about my writing: *HELL, let it be awful, write the worst poem ever, it will still count because YOU tried something new and exciting and it f***ing felt good!*

Thank you for listening to this pep talk 😂

Anyway coming back to our jazz...


The theme for round 1 will be Childhood stories.

The word limit is 200 words. If you exceed it, you'll be disqualified.

Stick to the theme but also remember, this is about your story, make it your own, and don't try to tell someone else's story.

Dig in your creative magic and find what speaks to you the most and give us that.

Plagiarism = Immediete disqualification.

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT Last date for submission: July/1/2020, 10 pm IST!

The link you submit should be from a poem you published on commaful after June/22/2020. ('How to submit' is in another post)

If you need any kind of help or have any questions, dm me, I will respond ASAP.


Jury will consist of following @maia333 @charliesheldon @stadarooni @sugar_cupcake @dogslinwriter (Thank you amazing people for agreeing to be a part of this.)

The poems will be judged on the basis of -Authenticity -Creativity -Formatting (Keeping it as simple as possible :D)

Coming up next is: -How to submit your entries? -What to do if you want to participate and you couldn't? -All about your teams! (links in comments)

Well this is it for now, stay amazing, and let the battles begin :D <3

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