A Simple Conversation
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I was joking around / Being a goofy dork

A Simple Conversation

I was joking around

Being a goofy dork

Saying random things

I let something slip

An insecurity

"I need to lose weight." He said.

"I do too." I let out a laugh

"No." He replied.

"Well, uh, I mean" I stuttered, trying to save myself

"For athletic reasons, I need to eat healthier." I claimed.

He nodded, showing that he understood.

I decided to joke around

I let out a statement.

You got confused.

"I'm fat." I said while smiling

You looked at me concerned.

You were his brother

You were tall



Pretty much perfect

"You're the opposite of fat." You told me.

I did some silly action to distract you.

"Meh." I replied.

"I'm closer to fat than you." You said.

I looked at you

You're pretty much perfect

I'm not

I didn't fight you

I didn't oppose

I changed the subject

Talking about something meaningless

But, I couldn't help but smile

"You're the opposite of fat."

You might have just changed my world.

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