Thank You God

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poet_tani14 | Back to writing; occasionally tho
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The Lord gave us so much, but did we ever wake up a morn to thank Him for the beautiful clothes, tasty food n loving parents he gave us? Think and read.

Thank You God

You grudge him when in trouble You bark when you lack a bead But did you ever thank him For his unpayable dead?

When you say he has and why I don’t My blood bawls with an odd wont Stop complaining; be satisfied with what you have If not, then halt the pretense of being suave

Think if all birds on the tree Were all the same and full of glee Not having to struggle for a piece of bread No tussle, no joy, no work, no dread

It seems that life would be merry like this With abundant money and food to eat But remember wise man, sugar would fail When alms like fruits would not taste sweet.

You implore to be rich Have a huge mansion to hover But did you forget dear man? Grass and stone atop When your tale is over.

So be who you are Like what you do Thank for what you had And change yourself , if you're sad

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